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YouTuber Who Flying His Dog With Helium Balloons Arrested

by tenderpuls

The Indian YouTuber, who flew his dog by tying it to helium balloons, was arrested when the animal protection organization got involved. Although the YouTuber removed the video due to the reactions, it will not be able to escape the penalty.

There seems to be no limit to what YouTubers can do to get more views. But this “watch more“efforts, from time to time YouTuberIt also causes the s to cross legal limits and appear before a judge.

On your channel 4 million subscribers The 32-year-old Indian YouTuber Gaurav Sharma shared his dog with ribbons in a video he recently released. to helium balloons He had tied it up and provided a controlled ventilation. Rising up to the second floor of a building, the dog was safely taken by someone on the second floor.

This video, you can imagine, gave YouTuber Sharma quite a headache. Over the first reaction unpublished video YouTuber, then a apology video published. However, all this was not enough for Sharma to escape from the police’s radar.

According to the information shared by Asian News International (ANI), the 32-year-old Indian YouTuber, along with the complaint filed by the animal rights organization People for Animals (PFA), was arrested. He is an animal lover and during the video tthat he took all the security measures Stating that Gaurav Sharma apologized, stating that he was aware of his error despite this. What kind of punishment Sharma will receive is not yet known.

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