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Why Playing Cracked Games Is Risky In Recent Years?

by tenderpuls

Playing games with cracks can be seen as an indispensable habit of years, but in recent years this situation has become a serious risk. So why was playing games with cracked such a big problem?

Many players in Turkey because of the game prices, “cracked “ continues to play the game. People at this point; “labor theft and those who criticize game companies for not opening to Turkey, and huh, would a lot of money be given to a game? ” They are divided into two among those who say. But at this point, important problems have started to arise today.

It is known that the use of “cracked games”, which has increased in recent years especially in one-person games, has emerged due to economic reasons. For a while everyone original digital game usage had really increased. Dollar factor and TL depreciation it again caused people to turn to pirate games. But do you know what you lose when you play pirate games? Make sure we have many of your thoughts and concerns as you go through this topic in detail. However, let’s examine what we are losing when we say I will win.

Why is it risky to play games with cracks?

  • No localization in games
  • Turkey’s game market looks unprofitable
  • To be used as a botnet server
  • Bitcoin become miner
  • Risk of getting lost on the cards
  • To be one of all that is available

Why isn’t localization work done in games?

At this point, it is most logical to start with the most risk-free section. First of all, game companies are doing localization studies according to their sales figures. In games Turkish voiceover and subtitle options are determined entirely according to the sales figures made in the specified countries.

E.g; GTA 5We all know how much is played in our beautiful country. Especially the FiveM RP servers from points such as, are simply crazy full. But why do you think GTA is not localized in Turkey? The answer is actually quite simple at this point. Rockstar Pirate in Turkey GTA very aware of its use. It’s so low by official sales figures. For this reason, the company thinks that it does not make sense to invest in Turkish GTA. Do you think it is unfair?

Turkey’s game market looks unprofitable


For many AAA publishers, the Turkish game market seems quite small. In online games, this is the opposite. Likewise, if you think about it, we are one of the countries that spend the most money on online games. Brazil, Argentina and Turkey at a great point in this regard. But when it comes to offline games, Turkey is a location with a low profit rate for companies.

Therefore Co-Op It does not seem to be a suitable country to invest even for games. As you know GeForce Now even for “take it if you buy“This is exactly the reason behind the execution of the policy. In fact, we do not know how well our friends playing cracked games are aware that they are so undermining the game industry. Even for this reason, RPG Turkey ranks low even for games. The men will not be able to sell games, so what if they target their country of citizenship? We can also open a title on the Turkish game industry in the future.

Being a botnet server is a great buddy!

botenet hack

Botnet Let’s explain the Turkish immediately: Robot computer. If you remember for a period, there was a jargon like being a “zombie computer”. Botnet and DDOS The best resources for perpetrators of attacks are those who use “fake software and games”. In fact, this sector has become such that TV series, movies, books, etc. whatever you download now, one for all botnet You can get great botnet servers by installing the software.

It should also be said that I have an anti-virus, don’t say nothing will happen to me. To crack he always said “disable protection or mark this file safeClicking on ”makes you the number one resource. Of course, the most enjoyable part of the job is that “you are part of a cyber attack that you are not a party to.” In this process “My internet connection is very bad, God damn this ISS” You can say something. The choice is yours.

Use fake software and games if you want them to earn Bitcoin on you

Bitcoin Miner

  • Has your browser suddenly slowed down?
  • Does a dragon come out of your computer while playing games?
  • Does everything contract after 10 minutes after restarting the computer?
  • Is your computer faster when not connected to the internet?

Let’s see, get well soon. Coin It shouldn’t be a bad idea to make someone rich with the market this high. Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons why your computer heats up crazy is that someone is either a Botnet server or bitcoin miner. There are very conscientious hackers in this regard; Those who slow down the computers of the people they captured incomprehensibly are human beings.


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And inside the computer blazingly dragon makers there is. Ah they ahh… Now as you can see guys, if you are having such crazy incidents, do not use fake software and games if possible. You can even check if other computers on the network have been infiltrated. Then, disassemble the hard drive you have and swear not to use it again, and start your life again with a new hard drive.

“They ordered PlayStation 5 from my credit card”


When suddenly saying I’m playing a game with a crack PlayStation 5 you can place the order or anything. When I said I wouldn’t buy a game for 300 liras From 3000 lira Like it’s not a bad idea to be. These situations are really happening in such satirical conversation. Even the medium of the game you download is very important in this regard.


Hackers Claiming to Hack BtcTurk Reveal How and By Whose Information Was Compromised

Yes, games are very expensive, but none of them cost more than your digital security. Moreover credit card Rather than get lost in your information, they may steal this information and watch you for a long time. Not the moment you download the software but credit card expiry They can blow up your accounts in the near future. At this point, they won’t even let you fall into doubt. Therefore I am still cracked If you say you will use software or a game, be sure to find a safe place.

To be one of all that is available


  • Your credit card information
  • Your personal data
  • Your webcam images
  • Your cloud accounts
  • Your mails
  • Your game accounts
  • Your computer hardware

Unfortunately, this is the place where the zurna calls it. Really, this kind of software can first buy your computer or computer hardware from you. As an example; “A mining software that uses your video card can take your video card from you.. ” The worst is cloud mining If you have been included in the system in some way, it is very difficult to detect. You can try to detect from the used and connected IPs, but this can also be from the server where the software you cracked is pinged.

Cryptolocker The virus named spread just like that. Spreading over the entire network connected to the Internet, especially through fake Windows licenses Cyrptolocker It has become the nightmare of many companies and people. If you fall into any blackmail software, you can wake up to a really sad day. As the use of fake games can have such bad consequences, it is our job to inform you about all the risks at this point.

If you say “What can we do bro, we have no money”, the solutions are as follows:

  • Build game communities with your friends (Steam family sharing),
  • You can join cloud gaming systems with lower monthly payments
  • You can chase discounts, Steam and Epic Games often run serious discount campaigns.

Friends, we want to say that you are right about this, too. However, Cloud gaming systems exist just for this. However, you can drop items and choose games that you can sell. CS: GO really good resource. Steam and Epic Games discounts can also become an enjoyable option for you to buy games.

It would be a very smart option to buy joint games with your friends as well. Steam Family Sharing precisely for this. You can play games with each other, which will really save you money. Or, at worst, you can try to save money.

In recent years when digital data security is so important, it would be beneficial to be as careful as possible. Do not think “what will happen”, always try to keep your security at the highest level. You can share your comments on this topic with us.

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