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‘Twitter Blue’s Turkey Price Has Been Announced

by tenderpuls

Twitter’s subscription service Twitter Blue, which will offer many features including tweet editing, has been announced for Turkey. According to the screenshots shared, Twitter Blue will not come to Turkey for a very affordable price.

One of the largest social media platforms in the world twitterIt was already known that it is working on a subscription system that will offer users more features. “Twitter BlueThe subscription price of the subscription system in question, which is called “, has emerged with the information on Twitter’s App Store page.

As you can see in the two screenshots below, Twitter Blue’s US price $ 2.99 it will be. If the price of subscription service in Turkey is US $ 30.99 is listed as. Probably Twitter; It adjusted the US price of 2.99 euros to Europe as 2.99 euros, and the Turkish price was determined by fixing the European price of 2.99 euros in TL.

Before anything else; It’s important to note that Twitter Blue is not yet available. Therefore, the prices in question may be subject to change, even if there is a small possibility, until the feature is available. By the way, when we look at Twitter’s Google Play Store page, for in-app purchases 47.99 USD We see that it says a fee, but there is no specific phrase for Twitter Blue.

The biggest innovation that Twitter Blue has offered to users, “Undo tweet“There will be an option. Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to undo, edit and re-share their posts within a certain period of time after they send a tweet. Also, one that will make it easier to read long series of floods.”Reading modeto be found in.


It is now possible to access Clubhouse-like Twitter Spaces via Browser

Twitter, new theme colors to make subscription service Twitter Blue a “value for money” service, custom app icons, where you can save and edit your favorite tweets “CollectionsIt also offers a number of additional features such as “feature”. Although it is not known when Twitter Blue will be available, the subscription price has been revealed, indicating that we will not have to wait too long.

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