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The Life of the Famous Tribe ‘Conolar’ in Adana Becomes a Documentary

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The life story of the Conolar tribe of Adana, known for their various crimes and fights, becomes a documentary. Prepared by Meltem Yılmaz and Şahin Yiğit, the project is about the tribe’s relationship not only with the criminal world, but also their entire life.

Not only the citizens living in Adana, but also the crimes they committed from time to time, the events they got involved and the fights became known all over Turkey. “Conolar“The lives of his tribe are documentaries. The project, which is handled by author Meltem Yılmaz and Şahin Yiğit, is On the Edge of All Possible It will be adapted from the novel called “documentary”.

The Conolar tribe living in Adana’s Ulubatlı and Yavuzlar neighborhoods is in this documentary. not just for their crimeswill be told with all their lives. In this context, details such as the daily lives of the tribal members, the people they fall in love with, the separations they have experienced will be delivered to the audience in the documentary. Director Şahin Yiğit, the project in Turkey it will make a soundstates that they believe people will be interested in this documentary.

The prepared project will participate in film festivals

Making a statement about the project, Meltem Yılmaz told that the first story of her book tells Conolar, and before the shootings for the documentary they prepared. AdanaIt states that it started in. Stating that the production they are working on is actually much more than a documentary, Yılmaz said, to fertile soil that it is home to great crimes as much as it has, and that people here have big dreams, but drug and other crimes because of events such as these people are blocking the way, he says. The documentary aims to bring all this to light.


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He himself has collected more than 60 awards from various film festivals. Sahin Yigitstates that they are very confident in their joint projects with Yılmaz, an award-winning writer, and that these projects will represent them in international competitions. The main purpose of the project social problems Yiğit says that they are excited to bring the project to the audience.

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