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5 Life Lessons Harry Potter Taught Us

by tenderpuls

The Harry Potter universe has given us a lot. Today we are going to list 5 life lessons in Harry Potter. We will support these life lessons with the lines in the movies.

Harry potter What comes to mind when you say? For me personally, Harry Potter is a companion. We joined his journey as a child, grew up with Harry and his friends and made our own way. Each character has a different place in the Harry Potter universe. They all have good points. It is such a unique series that we can offer the greatest respect at the end of the day to the characters we hated until the last moment.

Today, we will talk about the things that the Harry Potter universe has brought to us, which allows us to watch it again whenever we get bored even though we have watched it many times. A lot of things Harry Potter contributed to us for us it is a life lesson. Let’s go on a nice Harry Potter journey with you.

Note: There are plenty of spoilers about Harry Potter in our content. If you haven’t read the books and watched the movies, I suggest you go and watch this special series first.

Life lessons Harry Potter brought us

Even the worst thing can get nice with your friends

Harry potter

The most important lesson Harry Potter brought to us was the importance of friendship. Harry; confronted and defeated the most powerful enemy of his own world, but in doing so, Ron and Hermione He had countless friends, especially Neville to Luna. All of these friends have made Harry stronger, and he has never been left without lights on the journey. I present a few lines on this important issue as follows.

  • “The more we combine, the stronger we are, the weaker we are the more we divide.” Albus dumbledore
  • “What a lovely place to be with friends” – Free Gin Dobby
  • “You are the weak one. You will never know love or friendship, and I feel sorry for you.” – Harry potter (Sings to Voldemort)
  • “It takes courage to stand up to your enemies. But standing against your friends takes greater courage.” Albus dumbledore
  • “Even if there is a war ahead, we have something that Voldemort didn’t have. Something worth fighting for.” Harry potter

The power of words can never be underestimated

Harry Potter Dumbledore

There are many things that can make you strong in this life. Harry potter in his universe it is magic, but there is something even stronger than magic: Words. Are not words causing wars by shouting at thousands of people with one voice? If this power is used correctly, it becomes the most important trump card in human hands. The Harry Potter universe has shown this to us. Here are some lines that show us the power of words in this special universe:

  • “Our most powerful spells are our words. Our words that both hurt and heal.” – Albus dumbledore
  • “If in doubt, you will go to the library” – Hermione Granger
  • “Words have always been, in my opinion, an unlimited source of magic. They can both hurt and heal people.” – Albus dumbledore
  • “Tell the real name of everything. If you fear the name of something, you start to be more afraid of itself.” – Albus dumbledore

Just because a person looks bad doesn’t always mean they’re bad

Harry Potter Severus Snape

There are some people. They do they seem to do everything for our evil. In fact, “we think” they do things that we hate themselves. For example, in our adolescence, our family did not allow us to go to distant places, and we get angry with them for days, not going out of our room. We think they hate us. That they do not allow us to live freely …

So what we learned in Harry Potter is that this isn’t always true. Sometimes people can seem terrible to us with the things they do, but there is something we shouldn’t forget. There is good in every bad, and there is evil in every good. To us Not all bad looking people may be bad, in fact, he may have made enormous sacrifices. We’ve seen this example many times in the Harry Potter universe, but the most concrete example is of course Severus Snape ‘dir.

Until the 6th movie where we saw him as the annoying teacher Snape, He later killed Dumbledore and took a completely bad side. In the last film, when we learn about the life of this legendary professor and why he did these things, we see how powerful a person he was. Some of Harry Potter’s lines about this life lesson are as follows:

  • “There is both a light and a dark side in all of us. The important thing is which one we choose. This is what makes us who we are.” – Sirius Black
  • “Always.” – Severus snape (What a heartfelt word it is. In the scene where we have learned all correctly Severus has done so far, one word spoken as soon as Snape expresses the love he felt for Harry’s mother. The words remain inadequate at this point.)

Choices determine our lives

Harry potter

Another thing we learned from the Harry Potter universe is importance of elections has been. Some of the choices we make can allow for many more variations, such as whether we are a good or a bad person. Here are some lines that Harry Potter told us on this subject:

  • “What matters is not how someone was born, but how they grew up.” – Albus dumbledore
  • “Indifference and negligence often do more damage than outright dislike.” – Albus dumbledore
  • “The problem is that people always have the habit of choosing the worst for themselves.” – Albus dumbledore


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Harry Potter is a universe full of inspiration

Harry Potter Dumbledore

Harry Potter, in addition to all the life lessons that we have mentioned, gives us numerous topics. inspired. The advice given to us by important characters, especially Dumbledore, has always been with us at some points in our lives. While these counsels sometimes suggested life to be more fun, other times it made us work to be smarter. Some of the inspirational lines that take place in the Harry Potter universe are as follows:

  • “What would life taste like without some risk?” – Sirius Black
  • “Happiness exists even in the darkest times. Don’t forget to turn on the light.” Albus dumbledore
  • “If you want to understand what a man is like, look at how he treats his subordinates, not his equals.” – Sirius Black
  • “Intelligence that knows no boundaries is the greatest gift to man.” – Rowena ravenclaw


What did the actors of Harry Potter do after the series ended?

Harry Potter; With 7 books and 8 movies, he took us on a journey that will not be easily removed from our memories. The things that he contributed to us on this journey are also quite a lot. Are there any lines on this beautiful journey from the Harry Potter universe that you said should have been included in this content? You can share your suggestions and comments with us.

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