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You Can Now Access Twitter Spaces Via Browser

by tenderpuls

Twitter announced that Spaces, which offers the feature of opening a chat room to 600 and more followers, can now be used on desktop and mobile web browsers.

Shortly after the Clubhose exploded, Twitter announced its Clubhouse-like feature Spaces in December 2020. This feature that allows users to chat by voice in a room. only via mobile app could be accessed.

Twitter announced that Spaces will appeal to a wider audience as of May 26, 2020, using the feature from desktop browsers explained that it is now possible. This long-awaited feature allows users to access the Spaces feature via their desktop or mobile web browser.

Users cannot open rooms in the desktop browser

With Clubhouse, social media influencers and influencers had the chance to communicate with each other and their followers and chat on any topic. After the app exploded, Twitter also introduced its own Clubhouse-like feature Spaces. 600 or more followers Twitter users had the chance to interact with their followers in the chat rooms.

Since the Spaces feature was first released, it could only be used in mobile applications, but Twitter stated that it wanted to appeal to more audiences, even with some shortcomings from the mobile version announced that the feature can now be used on desktop and mobile web browsers.

twitter spaces

By some shortcomings we mean that users accessing Spaces from desktop or mobile browser Can’t open their own rooms yet occurrence. Instead, users can only join existing rooms and for future scheduled chats. reminder feature can be activated. Twitter also provides rooms for users who access Spaces via the browser.n the chance to test your new design for the first time offers.

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