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Turkey’s Most Successful eSports Teams

by tenderpuls

The rapidly rising eSports sector, both in our country and in the world, has now begun to be seen as a business line. In the e-sports sector, which brings together game and technology enthusiasts of all ages, especially young people, today we will examine the Turkish teams, which are the pride of our country, together.

Especially in recent years, which has been on the rise and brings together every game enthusiast without age limit esports sector is also very popular in our country. This area, which is even in the forward-looking career goals of young players, continues to grow with the tournaments organized and the increase in interest.

Recently, with the increase of high-reward tournaments and successful players representing our country abroad, the interest has increased and new teams have started to be established every day. Watching these tournaments live with millions of people also raised the sector upward. We, together with you, have been established in our country today and have been esports teams that have successfully represented we are examining. On our list, there are also staffs that will make you emotional and miss.

The team that kept the firsts alive and missed: Space Soldiers

  • CS: GO Squad: XANTARES, Calyx, paz, DESPE, MAJ3R, ngiN
  • FIFA Squad: Riv9

Space Soldiers, which successfully represents our country in the international CS: GO arena, is at the top of our list. Although they do not continue with the staff we miss, this team is for the first time in history, Qualified for the ELEAGUE Major tournament, one of the most prestigious tournaments. and by removing stickers on the Steam market, most of the players’ belongings were decorated.

Space Soldiers, which started to rise especially in the early days when the interest increased, represented our country abroad in this field and made us proud. At the same time, the players of the Turkey CS: GO team consisted of this team. Unfortunately, the team decided to disband on October 13, 2018 and did not form a new team to replace the CS: GO team.

Those who have not had enough of the championship since its establishment: Bahçeşehir SuperMassive

Bahcesehir SuperMassive

  • LoL Squad: Ragner, Kireas, Ksaez, Kaori, Absolute
  • FIFA Squad: Riv9

SuperMassive, one of the most valuable esports clubs of our country, was established in 2015. The club, later renamed Papara SuperMassive, was founded in 2016. He reached the League of Legends Winter Season Championship, which he participated for the first time. Afterwards, SuperMassive, who was not satisfied with the championships, reached the championship in the 2016 IWCI tournament held in Mexico and successfully represented our country in the international arena.

In addition, our team, which defeated the North American champion CLG Gaming team in the MSI 2016 tournament, where the world’s top 5 country teams faced with the title of champion, brought our country one of the biggest successes in the League of Legends arena in its first year. The champion team, which won the last League of Legends tournament in our country, still continues to exist and make us proud.

With its long history and success: Dark Passage

Dark Passage

  • LoL Squad: Lynx, Juuzou, Kituruken, Absolute, Wasteee
  • VALORANT Staff: gosaydam, pure, Kipperman, Ryden, lauzen

Dark Passage, one of the oldest and long-established clubs in its history, was established in 2003. Operating in various fields such as League of Legends, CS: GO, FIFA and VALORANT, the team has also become one of the first clubs in this field with its female League of Legends staff. Dark Passage, one of the first teams established in our country, reached TCL championships in 2013, Winter Season, Spring Season, Summer Season and Season 4 Turkish Championship League championships in 2014.

In addition, this team It went down in history as the club that made foreign transfer to our country for the first time.. The team, which managed to become champions four times in a row in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, participated in the LoL World Championship in 2014. The successful team, which still exists, successfully represents us by taking part in all activities where electronic sports are at the forefront.

The arch rival of DP, which is constantly mentioned: HWA Gaming

HWA Gaming

  • LoL Squad: Starscreen, Ferret, Cool, HolyPhoenix, Farfetch
  • VALORANT Staff: TheCady, Brave, Shnazn, Surprise, Extreme
  • FIFA Squad: Berkije

HWA, which took its place in the records as the first eSports club of Turkey in 2006, He was also the first champion of the Turkish League of Legends league. HWA Gaming, which blew like a storm for a while and was one of the favorites of every tournament it participated in, achieved a 99% success rate between 2006-2012 and received the nickname “Grand Plane Tree”.

At the same time, the players who met the eSports arena for the first time within the team achieved great success in the great teams in the future. This aspect is school qualification In 2019, the team changed its name and started to use the name “Istanbul Wildcats”. After the name change, the team continues with 5 different teams, LoL, Starcraft, PUBG, Apex Legends and Fortnite, successfully representing us in the international arena from past to present.

The first step of the big three to eSpor: Beşiktaş eSpor

Besiktas eSpor

  • LoL Squad: rare, Kireas, Stillnumb, Husky Rider, EliWood
  • Zula Squad: DrGoupo, Unity, Keevz, W4sili, Swoon, Megasound

Beşiktaş, one of the important teams of the championship league, started its operations in 2015 according to official records, but its basics date back to 2014. We are familiar with football The team that established an eSports team among the “big three” for the first timeEvolved from Aces High, founded in 2014, to Beşiktaş. Aces High, which won the championship by defeating HWA Gaming 0-3 in the 2015 International Special Tournament, signed with Beşiktaş on January 20, 2015, and became a club affiliated with the name Beşiktaş Elektronik Sports Club, thus becoming a professional sports club for the first time in the world. opened an electronic sports branch.

At the end of the 2016 Championship League Summer Season, the club fell to the Promotion League as the last in the league, but rose to the Championship League again as the champion in the 2018 Promotion League Summer Season. The team, which went to the corporate identity renewal on April 26, 2019, took the name Beşiktaş Esports and adopted a new logo. Besiktas, who also founded the world-famous and very successful women’s CS: GO team, has become one of the most important clubs of our country in this field.

1907 Fenerbahce eSpor

  • LoL Squad: Lenom, Oncan, Elramir, stillnumb, Neramin, Sparz
  • FIFA Squad: Sarp Kaya, Mert Güven, Ali Eren Yağız

Fenerbahçe eSpor, in 2016 Under the chairmanship of Ali Koç 1907 It was founded with the support of the Fenerbahçe Association. The team, which was established by the transfer of all the rights of the SuperMassive TNG team in the Championship League, apart from the games we are used to, League of Legends; APEX Legends, FIFA, FIFA PRO Clubs, NBA2K, PUBG, TFT and Age of Empires 2 operates in games such as.

The organization, which has a team of 80 people including 60 players, has become one of the biggest clubs in Turkey in this respect. The LoL team, which became the Champion of the 2017 Championship League Summer Season in the first year of its establishment, is not only that, but in July 2017, as part of Rift Rivals, in Moscow. undefeated first place He won his first international cup with. The club management, which made radical decisions in 2019, separated its ways with all its players except “Only35” and formed a staff from the beginning and has not achieved great success since this date.

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