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Top Selling Products on the Internet in Turkey

by tenderpuls

Which products did we search the most on the internet, and how much did we show interest in which? According to the results of this research based on last year’s data, we take a closer look at our online shopping habits.

In recent years, we have started to gain a bigger place in our lives and have experienced a bigger explosion than ever before with the effect of the epidemic. e-commerce sectorseems to continue to grow. The e-commerce market in Turkey has been one of the fastest growth rates in Europe in recent years. In this article, we will take a look at the most sold products on the internet in Turkey.

Let’s ask before we start; Where are you in the online shopping experience? “If I am going to buy something, I have to see / touch it.” Are you one of those who say, “I’ll take a few of the different bodies and send back what’s not”? Analyzing the market and consumer data, we look at the results of Statista’s survey conducted in 2020 with 1048 people between the ages of 16-64 in Turkey.

The rates of the answers given to the questions asked to the users in the survey are as follows:

  • “If I am going to buy something important, I first search the internet.” 78 percent
  • “I find user reviews on the Internet very useful.” 72 percent
  • “I prefer express shipping when I buy something.” 63 percent
  • “If I’m going to buy something, I’d like to see it and touch it.” 43 percent
  • “If I am buying something, I want it to be available the same day.” – 33 percent
  • “When shopping online, it does not replace normal shopping.” 22 percent
  • “Sometimes I purposely order something extra.” 21 percent

The results that reveal our online shopping habits:

  • “I searched the Internet to buy a product the previous month.” rate of those who say 89 percent
  • “I entered a site selling online.” rate of those who say 89.5 percent
  • “I used an online shopping application on the phone / tablet.” rate of those who say 68.5 percent
  • “I bought something online on any device.” rate of those who say 75 percent
  • “I bought something online using my smartphone”. rate of those who say 54.8 percent

How many money was spent in different e-commerce categories in 2020 and 2019?


  • Travel & accommodation: (2020) $ 5.79 billion – (2019) $ 12.93 billion
  • Electronic & physical media: (2020) $ 2.43 billion- (2019) $ 2.81 billion
  • Fashion & beauty: (2020) $ 4.72 billion- (2019) $ 1.66 billion
  • Furniture & electrical appliances: (2020) $ 1.26 billion – (2019) $ 1.43 billion
  • Toys & DIY & hobby products – (2020) $ 2.7 billion – (2019) $ 1.37 billion
  • Food & personal care – (2020) $ 825.5 million – (2019) $ 795 million
  • Video games – (2020) $ 569.6 million – (2019) $ 363 million
  • Digital music – (2020) $ 119.7 million – (2019) $ 60 million

How have the previous e-commerce categories changed?

ups and downs

  • Travel & accommodation shrank 53.3 percent
  • Electronic & physical media grew by 40.8 percent
  • Fashion & beauty 42.5 percent grew
  • Furniture & electrical appliances 42.2 percent grew
  • DIY & DIY & Hobby Products 45.4 percent grew
  • Food & personal care grew 49.6 percent
  • Video games grown 27 percent
  • Digital music 30.7 percent grew

The growth of all categories other than travel and accommodation provides solid evidence of the extent to which the outbreak is being felt. We are talking about a $ 7.14 billion reduction in terms of travel. Similarly, growth in hobby products or video games also provides meaningful data about the year we closed to homes.

“What do old people understand about internet shopping?” If you say, you are wrong. Age groups and the rate of those who say “I shopped online in the previous month” are as follows:


  • 16-24 age group: 74.9%
  • 24-34 age group: 75.1%
  • 35-44 age group: 76.5%
  • 45-54 age group: 74.7%
  • 55-65 age group: 70.5%

The most common shopping queries searched on Google are as follows:


  1. Samsung
  2. iPhone
  3. Xiaomi
  4. Telephone
  5. Trendyol
  6. Huawei
  7. Nike
  8. Toy
  9. Headphone
  10. Bicycle
  11. Tablet
  12. Computer
  13. Laptop
  14. Iphone 11
  15. Redmi 8
  16. Adidas
  17. Hepsiburada
  18. Redmi Note 8
  19. sport shoes
  20. N11

There are 65.80 million internet users in Turkey. In other words, 77.7 percent of the population uses the internet. This is a very high rate. Among these 65.80 million people, the number of people who buy consumer products online is 37.20 million. Every internet user makes an average of online shopping every year. Around 2 thousand 300 TL spends.

How are we in digital payments?

digital payment

  • Number of internet users making digital payments 34.45 million
  • Total annual value of digital payments $ 34.68 million
  • Average spend per user per year 7 thousand 500 TL around

How are the situations for you? Let’s meet in the comments.

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