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The Site That Shows When Starlink Satellites Will Appear

by tenderpuls

If you don’t know what you are, you may think Starlink satellites are a UFO. However, if you know what it is, you may want to look at the sky and see them. If you have such a request, a website shows when Starlink satellites can be seen from your location.

One of the largest private space companies in the world SpaceXOn the one hand, while trying to direct the future of humanity in space, on the other hand, in order to get rid of the cables of the internet network on the earth. Starlink continues to work within the scope of the project.

SpaceX is part of Starlink, one of the largest satellite internet projects ever implemented. plans to launch thousands of mini satellites into orbit A considerable number of these satellites have already begun orbiting the Earth. These satellites, which can be seen from the earth from time to time, attract attention with their images as much as the internet services they offer.

When viewed from the earth, Starlink satellites look like rapidly moving stars. Therefore, when seen by someone unaware of what they are, they can be easily “UFO” to anxiety they can cause Moreover, since Starlink satellites move in groups, it is unlikely to be confused with comets. Well, would you like to see Starlink satellites “knowing what is happening”?

findstarlink.com The website named “Starlink satellites will pass through your location from time to time by showing”Aliens came“It enables you to see the Starlink satellites, which also cause rumors, and to shoot videos if you wish.

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