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Old World Reached $ 2.5 Million in 1 Day

by tenderpuls

Developed by CD Projekt Red and Go On Board and put on sale on Kickstarter, Witcher: Old World earned $ 2.5 million in one day, exceeding the planned sales figures until June 11.

As the Witcher world continues to expand with games and series coming to digital platforms, CD Project Red and Go On Board have announced that they will release the Witcher box game version Witcher: Old World in recent months. Game, As a Kickstarter project It was put on sale and the sales target, which was determined as 300 thousand dollars, reached million dollars in a short time.

New game that appeals to both those who dominate the Witcher universe and inexperienced players, worth $ 2.5 million in just one day made sales. Although the game’s Kickstarter period will expire on June 11, the developers want continued support for the game to make Withcer: Old World even better.

Kickstarter target planned by 11 June was reached in 1 day

The Witcher: Old World, which can be played between 2-5 people, Before the era of Geralt of Rivia and the players are like School of Wolf, Viper, Cat, Bear or Griffin One of 5 monster hunter roles undertakes. The aim of the game is to act according to the choices of the young witches, while reaching agreements with other players and protecting the honor of the schools they represent.

The game, which came to the fore as a news that made Witcher fans extremely happy, started to make its producers happy from the moment it was released. Witcher: Exactly the Old World’s total sales target on Kickstarter It was 306 thousand 452 dollars. The game was completed in a very short time.a sales worth 2.5 million succeeded.

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