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How to Prevent Android 12 from Tracking You

by tenderpuls

While the countdown for users to meet with Android 12 continues at full speed, we continue to talk about the features that stand out after the introduction. Privacy, which has been one of the biggest problems of Android users for years, and the information accessed by applications, can now be edited largely with Android 12.

The future has come, today is tomorrow, when it comes to beta alpha, users are now very soon With Android 12 version they will meet. Introduced in a very friendly environment at the Google I / O event Android 12 We talked about the prominent features of the operating system and which phones will meet with this new update. Now let’s go into a little more detail and look at the security issue.

For many years, the biggest problem of Android users has been security. So much so that you sometimes had to use third-party apps to even control which mobile apps access what information. Android 12 eliminates this problem with its Privacy Panel feature. Through a structure similar to the iOS operating system, you can now regulate which information your mobile applications will access.

Organize app access with the Android 12 Privacy Panel:

  • Step # 1: Open the Android 12 Privacy Panel.
  • Step # 2: See which apps have access to your information.
  • Step # 3: Tap the permission you want to edit.
  • Step # 4: Tap the Manage Permission button.
  • Step # 5: Choose what information the application can access.
  • Step # 6: Open the notification screen.
  • Step # 7: Turn off the camera or microphone feature.

Step # 1: Open the Android 12 Privacy Panel:

Android 12 Along with the Privacy Panel, one of the most noticeable features that come with the your information accessed by mobile applications You can easily view and edit the access information with a few simple steps. With this feature, you will see a green dot in the upper right corner of the device when your camera or microphone is on, just like on iOS devices.

Step # 2: See which apps have access to your information:

android 12, privacy panel

On the main screen of the Privacy Panel page, mobile applications installed on your device what information you have accessed in the last 24 hours you will see. This information consists of camera, microphone, location and person information. On the main screen, you will only see basic access information such as what time, which application, what information it accessed.

Step # 3: Tap the permission you want to edit:

android 12, privacy panel

We said that on the main screen of the Privacy Panel, you will see which mobile applications use your camera, microphone, location and contact information. For more detailed information Tap the permission to access the information in question or the application you want to edit.

Step # 4: Tap the Manage Permission button:

android 12, privacy panel, manage permission

After seeing your basic camera, microphone, location and contact information on the Privacy Panel and entering the details, you will see a screen with a little more details. From here, at the bottom of the page Manage Permission by tapping the button about application and permission you can make arrangements.

Step # 5: Choose what information the app can access:

android 12, privacy panel, camera, microphone

This point will be very familiar to those who have used a device with the iOS operating system before, because a similar structure is used. Manage Permission After tapping the button, the application in question will be displayed on your camera, microphone, location or contacts. whether it will reach You can edit all permissions on the subject.

Step # 6: Open the Notification screen for the quick method:

android 12, notification screen

The first 5 steps were the steps to be taken to set application and information-oriented access permissions. With Android 12, there is also a fast method. The notification screen, which you can access by sliding down the top of the screen, will be much more advanced with the new update and you will be able to access many features from here.

Step # 7: Turn off the camera or microphone feature:

android 12, notification screen

When you open the notification screen, you will see the on / off buttons for the camera and microphone as well as the on / off button for Wi-Fi, bluetooth, location features. You can also add if you can’t see it. When you turn off the microphone or camera from here you turn it off completely. Even a single mobile application installed on your device cannot access your microphone or camera, even if access is allowed. That’s what I call security.

Is full security possible with the Android 12 Privacy Panel?

android 12, privacy panel

As we always say, we cannot say that full security is possible for any device that is connected to the internet. However, the Privacy Panel feature that came with Android 12 has been One of the most successful security measures made by Google We can even say that it is a feature that should come years ago.

Your camera, microphone, location and contacts are generally among the first information to be captured during cyberattacks. Under the camera hood photos also need to be protected. There is no detail given in the introduction, but if we think that it is similar to the iOS security structure, we think that there will be a measure taken in this regard.

We closed all access through the Privacy Panel, and turned off the camera and microphone, Are we completely safe now? It is a little difficult to say. Because even if you share such information once with an unreliable mobile application, the information may have been captured. However, at the very least, you will not be constantly updating the stolen information.

What should be done for a much safer Android experience?

android 12

Let’s repeat even if we run out of feathers on our tongue, you downloaded from unreliable sources stop using third party mobile apps. Likewise, even if it is located on the Google Play Store, stay away from mobile applications that you do not know the developer of, have downloaded several thousand downloads, have not received comments other than bot accounts, and do not have correct scores.

This is true for all operating systems, not just for Android. Showing people looking at your social media accounts, claiming to work wonders with your photos, normally impossible to reach who said that they will provide services for free Avoid mobile apps. Who gives such a free service to whom?

The Privacy Panel is a successful step forward in security. A reliable antivirus mobile app If you download it, you can be notified of potential attacks much earlier. Not every mobile application needs to access all of your information. Remove the permission. Let’s see if the application requesting access will still run successfully. It will not work. Wipe it off.

Mobile installed on your device via the Privacy Panel that comes with Android 12 How to prevent apps from following you We answered the question and explained how to edit the access permissions step by step. You can share your thoughts about the Privacy Panel in the comments.

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