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How to Change PIN Code on iPhones?

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IPhone users who say how much password, the more security, know how important the PIN code is. If you do not trust your PIN code, which protects all the information on your SIM card, you should change it. We answered the question of how to change iPhone PIN code and explained what you need to know about device security.

To use your iPhone with tons of information about you in the safest way possible Many different methods such as Face ID, Touch ID, password you can use. Remember, you also have a SIM card. Your SIM card also stores as much private information as your device, and thanks to it, you can use features such as internet connection, calling, texting. Your SIM card protection is provided by a PIN code.

But what if your PIN is not secure enough? iPhone PIN code change process You can also maximize your SIM card security by generating a much stronger new code with. Because many users have not done it before Change iPhone PIN code thinks the process is difficult. However, this process consists of much easier steps than many operations you will do on your iPhone. Let’s take a closer look.

How to change iPhone PIN code?

  • Step # 1: iPhone Settings Open the page.
  • Step # 2: Cellular Open the page.
  • Step # 3: SIM PIN Tap.
  • Step # 4: Change PIN Tap.
  • Step # 5: Enter your existing PIN code.
  • Step # 6: Enter your new PIN code.
  • Step # 7: iPhone PIN code change is complete.

Step # 1: Open the iPhone Settings page:

iPhone users already know, all the edits you want to make with your device Settings You can do it on the page. Settings page, on the home screen You can access it via the gear-like app icon.

Step # 2: Open the cellular page:

Change iPhone PIN code, cellular

iPhone Settings When you open the page, you will see a list of the titles of all the settings you can edit on your device. Cellular option is in the first place. Cellular through the page mobile data and SIM card related settings You can edit and perform the necessary actions.

Step # 3: Tap on the SIM PIN option:

Change iPhone PIN code, sim pin

If you’re signing in for the first time Cellular page might look a little confusing. Mobile data transactions, network settings that you can set through your operator, mobile data operations specific to mobile applications and more on this page. To change the iPhone PIN code, the page you need SIM PIN You will reach through the option.

Step # 4: Tap on Change PIN option:

Change iPhone PIN, change pin

SIM PIN On the page, you will first see an option key where you can determine whether the PIN code is active or not. For a high level of security, you should always keep the PIN code query active. To start the process of changing iPhone PIN code Change PIN Tap the text.

Step # 5: Enter your existing PIN code:

Change iPhone PIN code, pin code

As with all code and password changes, the system will ask you to enter your existing code first. If you don’t know your PIN code You can learn your SIM card from the scratch-like section on the big card you took out of it. Here you will also see the PUK codes that you can use in case of forgetting your PIN code.

Step # 6: Enter your new PIN code:

Change iPhone PIN code, new pin code

PIN codes are 4 digits long and consist of numbers. To strengthen the code, you cannot use a letter or punctuation mark. For this reason, you should not create codes consisting of years of birth and similar dates, and use combinations of numbers that are difficult for someone trying to crack your password to find.

Step # 7: iPhone PIN code change completed:

After you write your new PIN code consisting of 4 digits and unique digits, iPhone PIN code change is completed. Years of birth for you or your relatives, Stop using numbers such as the Battle of Manzikert, the arrival of our father to Samsun, the conquest of Istanbul, the foundation of the republic, the year of foundation of the team you are a fan of, and similar numbers as codes or passwords. The same goes for your ATM password.

Here’s what you need to know about changing iPhone PIN code:

Change iPhone PIN code

iPhone PIN code change process, It is not a must for every user. If given to you by your GSM operator If the PIN code seems strong and if you can easily remember it, let your code stay that way. However, because the PIN codes are randomly given, you should definitely change the codes that do not create any firewalls, such as 1234.

During the PIN code change process, You need to know your PIN code. If you do not know the code you are using, you cannot change it. As we explained, you can access your PIN code through the scratch-like area on the big card from which you removed your SIM card. If you are having a problem at this point, you can get help by calling your GSM operator.

There is no limitation for changing the iPhone PIN code. You can make as many changes as you want. However, don’t increase your chances of forgetting the code by turning it into a piece of cake. Set a strong and unique PIN code and leave it there. The same goes for your device password. You don’t need to change your passwords unless it’s suspicious.

For a safer iPhone experience, you should:

iphone security

The iOS operating system is one of the systems that offers the widest security options. According to your device model Using Face ID, Touch ID or a classic password You can make your iPhone much more secure. Every Apple device has a mandatory 6-digit device passcode.

Settings on your page Face ID and Password or Touch ID and Password from here by tapping You can make all settings related to device security. You can protect your device from unwanted visitors by choosing the protection option that suits you best and applying this protection in all areas.

Avoid jailbreaking, not giving every permission to every mobile application, Not accessing unreliable websites, using two-factor authentication on social media platforms, not connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, and downloading an antivirus mobile app if necessary are some of the methods you can use for a safe iPhone experience.

We answered the question of how to change the iPhone PIN code, explained the method you will apply step by step and some details you need to know about device security we talked about The more secure the passwords, codes and passwords you use, the more secure your personal information will be.

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