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Fiber Internet Future Date for All Turkey Announced

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Ömer Fatih Sayan, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that 90 percent of all neighborhoods in Turkey will have fiber internet by the end of this year, and 100 percent fiber internet will be available in 2023.

Participating in the cloud technology themed online event CloudTalk Online 2021 Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan made explanations to please internet users about fiber internet infrastructure, which is often voiced by young people.

Stating that important breakthroughs in fiber internet infrastructure will be realized in 2021, Sayan said. “We think 5G has become a critical technology that will affect the future of countries. But there are two indispensable conditions for 5G. Cloud computing services, our data centers, after the 5G base station that can reach them fiber network, knitting our country with fiber networks … “ he said and continued his explanations as follows:

“At this point, I would like to share that 2021 is a very big breakthrough year. 90 percent of our neighborhoods will have fiber. We do not find 90 percent sufficient. Our target for 2023 will be 100 percent, with fiber in all our neighborhoods. “

Compared to previous generation connection technologies, 5G provides easier, faster and more efficient work. is of much greater importance Stating that the Deputy Minister continued his statements as follows:

5G connectivity

“One of the biggest projects of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, especially in the communication department, is 5G. It is easier in many areas that touch human life, from everyday life to industry, from agriculture to security, the ability to do business faster and more effectively 5G has a distinct importance from previous generation technologies due to the fact that it provides.

It is impossible to evaluate 5G independently from vertical sector applications due to the applications that will be offered to users over 5G infrastructure in many sectors. Many innovations such as smart factories, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, digital health applications will be provided by 5G low latency and high speed thanks to it will often take place in our lives. It is obvious that 5G will be used not only in the vertical sectors we have mentioned, but also in many different areas. “

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