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350 Thousand ‘Players’ Banned From Call of Duty

by tenderpuls

Activision announced that 350,000 players were banned from Call of Duty games last year alone, due to their toxic behavior and racist player names. Activision has declared war on toxicity and racism.

One of the most popular series in the game world Call of DutyThe developer of the series was criticized widely for toxic behavior in the player community and the cheats included in the game. Activisionis one of the most proactive game studios in removing the “unwelcome” types of players from the game.

A new “anti-toxicity“Activision, which published the report, showed how harshly it was against racism and toxicity. According to the data released by the studio, only the last year, because of the racist actor name and toxic behavior. 350 thousand “players” were banned from Call of Duty servers. Although the number in question seems huge, it should not be forgotten that the banned is a small segment among the tens of millions of players on Call of Duty: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Activision is also removing the toxic and racist mass from the game is aware that it is not enough for you. Therefore, in the release of the report in question “Much more to do, including handling voice chat to increase player reporting and control and combat toxicityStill, the studio thinks it’s important to combine feedback with sanctions.

Activision’s basic plan on this subject; by allocating more resources to detection and applications new tracking technologies for toxicity and racism building, consistently reviewing policies consistently and fairly, and better communicating with the community. Toxicity is one of the major problems of almost all competitive games, but Activision is about it.We know we have a long way to go to reach our goals. This is just the beginning“He promises the players that they will continue to work on this issue.

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