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We Reviewed Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro

by tenderpuls

Xiaomi, the highly anticipated new smartphone at the end of last March Mi 11 Pro announced. Mi 11 Pro, which is one of the most powerful smartphones ever produced by the Chinese manufacturer and takes its place among the ambitious phones of 2021, although it did not make big differences in terms of design, some of its features deserve praise.

Taking its power from Snapdragon 888, Mi 11 Pro gives its user a sigh of relief about performance with this powerful processor. 5,000 mAh It also supports its performance with its capacity battery. Mi 11 Pro, which comes up with a very large screen of 6.81 inches, has 2K resolution on this giant screen. 120 Hz refresh rate offers.

Isn’t there anything to criticize?

Let’s answer right away. Of course there is. First of all, as we mentioned above, the phone does not offer great innovations at the design point and it is possible to evaluate this as a minus. Same time big screen and especially with its weight one-handed use The device, which poses a problem at the point, is not a good option for those looking for a light and comfortable phone. Same time camera performance The Mi 11 Pro, which has received some criticism at the point, falls behind in comparison to other phones in its class, especially with its performance in low light.

Mi 11 Pro is not on sale in our country at the moment and it is not yet known whether it will come or not. If it comes Should I buy or not? For those of you who think that, you can get more details about the phone by browsing our video that we have reviewed all the pros and cons of Mi 11 Pro for you.

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