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Unreal Engine 5 Now Available in Early Access

by tenderpuls

Unreal Engine 5, which people, especially game developers, are eagerly waiting for, is now available for early access. According to the information, the game engine is not ready for production yet, but it offers the opportunity to try many exciting features that have been shown in the past.

Introduced last year and excited a lot of people Unreal Engine 5opened for early access. The new features of the game engine, which is stated to be not ready for production, were mentioned. In addition, some of the technologies that have been shown in the past year and excited many people are ready to be experienced by users according to the information.

In our news, we will go into the details of the new features shown, but before that, let us state that Epic Games confirmed that Fortnite will be migrated to Unreal Engine 5. If we look at our new features Nanite and Lumen welcomes us. In addition, there are improvements in open world designs, animations, sound and interface experience.


The developer puts it out and the game engine takes care of the rest‘Nanite, which was introduced as “I wonder if I went too far?” Shall I cut down on quality a little? ” by removing thoughts like film quality allows you to present environments. Coverings transferred under normal conditions of the user Nanite eliminates this, providing users with high resolution environments without sacrificing quality. In this way, the user can save a considerable amount of time. saved is happening.



Bringing convenience to the dynamic ambient lighting part Lumenprovides the user with the opportunity to create more realistic environments by offering dynamic lights that change over time. An example of this is the change in the angle of incidence of light according to the position of the Sun during the day or a flashlight.

With this innovation, the user should wait after creating light maps and try to exit the console to test them. won’t need. Instead, the lights can be created and edited more simply in the editor. The editor will point out the final point to the user as it will appear in the game. will present.

Open worlds, sound, animation and interface innovations:

Unreal Engine 6 Open World

According to the information on Epic’s site Unreal Engine 5efforts are made to make open world designs simpler, faster, and compatible with any number of teams. Open worlds created according to the new system are one grid and cells when needed being revealed. This reduces the density on the system to some extent, while achieving the far field of view and high quality at the same time.

Except this ‘a file to a player‘system allows more than one person to work on the same map at the same time and not to interfere with each other while working. Finally ‘file layersallows you to produce and store different versions of the same world in the same place.

Animation enhancements

Unreal Engine 5 Animation

Unreal Engine’s animation tools are being developed and save users from the hassle of constantly animating and fetching. Control Rigallows users to create animations in a simple and fast way. Full-Body IKprovides more natural movements. Finally, governing the movement according to different situations motion distortion (motion warping), on the other hand, enables the position of the character to be adjusted against different situations with a single animation. An example of this is jumping over walls of different heights.

Sound and interface

Unreal Engine 5 MetaSound

In the audio field, which will give users full control over the processing of digital signals. MetaSounds offered. In this way, users will have more control over the sound and will be able to tailor the experience to be offered.

Unreal Engine 5 Interface

Interface As for, a new improved editor welcomes us. In addition, the content browser can be easily uncovered and stored at any time, and any editor tab can be moved to the side menu, which can be opened and closed at any time. space-saving there are innovations. In general, the interface more workspace while providing simpler experience We see what it aims to offer.


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By participating in early access, you can experience the features, innovations and improvements of Unreal Engine 5, which we described above.

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