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The option to hide likes has arrived on Instagram

by tenderpuls

Instagram users had the option to hide the likes from the posts with the latest update. Previously tested in several countries, this feature will now be available to all users around the world.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platforms, started to test the option to hide likes in various countries a long time ago. Although the feature came to our country, it was not valid for all users in Turkey. About people checking their accounts more freedom Recognizing that, Instagram announced that the option to hide likes is now available to all users.

With the update published as of today, users, whether to hide the number of likes on their posts or not be able to choose. Instagram stated that thanks to this feature, users can concentrate more on content quality rather than their likes, while those who want to show their likes still have this option.

How to hide likes on Instagram?

With the update of Instagram published today, we can say that users have been given more freedom in the platform. Users are now the number of likes on other people’s posts and also has the opportunity to hide the likes that come to their posts.

Users who want to use this feature go to the Settings menu of Instagram and click on the Posts section. “Hide Likes and Views” They can activate the option. Users who do not want to see the number of likes of the posts they encounter, click the three dots on the top right of the post and “Hide Number of Likes” Clicking on the option will be enough.

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