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Instagram Brought A New Shopping Feature

by tenderpuls

Instagram has added a new shopping feature to the ‘Store’ tab in the app. With the new feature, users will be able to browse the brands’ product launches, special product collections and limited number of products. In addition, the option to shop from the same tab is also active.

Instagram has turned the platform into an e-commerce platform with the Store tab in the application, and its progress in this direction continues. A platform that started its journey as a photo sharing network has reached a point that does not surprise the change over the years, and we all look forward to what further innovations the umbrella company Facebook will bring. That he can earn For this very reason, Facebook has added a new shopping feature to its Store tab.

This new feature, which aims to bring users together with the latest products, product launches will help to follow. If they wish, users will be able to schedule reminders by recording the product launches they have followed, and the shopping experience will become ‘more practical’.

The feature is made available under the name of ‘Special Launch’:

Published under the name of Drops and in our country ‘Special Launch’ The feature that is available for use is actually quite simple. Brands enter the launch date they have set for their products. Users can also browse the collections that are on sale that day or will be on sale in the coming days, and add reminders for the products they want with the ‘Set Reminder’ button. Also the products here ‘Wish List’ It can also be added to the tab.


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In addition to advertising revenues, Facebook is also trying to create new revenue gates through Instagram. The improvements made in the store tab are actually a product of this. In this way, Facebook, without redirecting to internet sites secure shopping directly on Instagram It plans to increase its commission income by making its application that offers the opportunity more widespread.

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