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Samsung Releases Promotional Video For ISOCELL HM3

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Months later, Samsung released a promotional video for the ISOCELL HM3 image sensor, which is only available on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The video in question could be a harbinger of new smartphones with ISOCELL HM3.

Smartphones with a 108-megapixel main camera have been on the market for a while and many brands have 108 MP camera phones. However, announced in January Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultralocated in 108 MP ISOCELL HM3 The image sensor is considered the most advanced 108 MP camera on the market and we haven’t seen it on any smartphone other than the Galaxy S21 Ultra so far.

Galaxy S21 Ultra, 16.499 TLIt is not an easily accessible smartphone with its price. Therefore, very few people have the opportunity to experience the capabilities of the ISOCELL HM3 image sensor. Samsung will also be aware of this fact that months after its launch, a detailed analysis of the ISOCELL HM3 image sensor introduction video published.

In the video it published, Samsung included photos taken with ISOCELL HM3.See, it can do thisinstead of saying ” ISOCELL 2.0, Nonapixel, Smart-ISO Pro and in a sense why is ISOCELL HM3 enough to be used in a single smartphone model? a special sensor He details that.

To summarize briefly; Located in the ISOCELL HM3 sensor ISOCELL 2.0 technology separates pixels and increases color accuracy; Nonapixel technology combines 9 pixels to act as a single pixel, enabling better images to be captured in both extreme and low light environments. Smart-ISO It provides 12 bit color depth and high quality HDR images.

Months after Samsung’s release a promotional video for the ISOCELL HM3, the image sensor in question is coming soon on a new Galaxy smartphone and it was interpreted as a hint that it could be seen on smartphones of other brands.

Samsung’s promotional video for ISOCELL HM3

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