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Jahrein Called to Police Station for Statement

by tenderpuls

Jahrein, who came to the agenda with a live broadcast he performed with CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, was called to the police station to take his statement. The famous publisher said he did not know why he was called to testify.

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş, in the past weeks PqueeNHe had participated in the live broadcast of. In the past days too Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğluopened Twitch had come to the agenda with his account. Now, again recently CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu with the live broadcast Jahrein (Ahmet Conclusion) is on the agenda.

Jahrein, one of the most prominent publishers of our country, is about to be heard on Twitter. police station shared with his followers that he was called. The famous publisher, who conveyed the situation to his followers in the form of sequential posts, because you don’t know and despite many claim otherwise mixed up He also mentioned his file.

Jahrein’s tweets:

Jahrein sent his tweets directly to the subject from the police station. that you are looking for and started by stating that he was called to the expression again. In the numbers of the branches it was called in in the past registered The publisher who mentioned that he had no knowledge of the issue yet, and who made unfair statements about himself, was as troubled as he mentioned. that there is no He also replied to people who claimed to be.

Jahrein's tweets

Your file is messy and no incident unrelated Stating that the posts shared by his wife were also included in the file, Jahrein said; Insulting oneself, loved ones and values From 16 people that he is complaining and the news coming from them. for a while what he expected, but when it turns to him immediately He stated that he was looking.


Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu Answered Jahrein’s Questions on Twitch Broadcast

Jahrein, at the end of his posts, that you are not afraid and other people should not be afraid to speak either. He added at the end of these posts that his mental health was fine, he would never give up and would not hurt himself.

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