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Chrome’s Latest Version “Chrome 91” Released

by tenderpuls

Google has released the Chrome 91 version, which brings a lot of convenience for users. However, some features are not yet available to users.

Google, the world’s most popular web browser, Chrome’s “”Chrome 91released version. Copy + Paste Improving its functionality, Chrome 91 also brings some improvements to the Android version, such as visual improvements and website tracking. In addition, some innovations and improvements have been published for the Chromebook version of Chrome.

Chrome already had a copy + paste feature. But Chrome 91 takes this feature a step further and now lets you copy any file on your computer and attach it to an email. So now CRTL + C / CTRL + V You will be able to use the shortcut to paste files outside of text copy + paste inside Chrome. The feature in question “chrome: // flags / # clipboard-filenamesYou can activate at “.

Old (top) and new (bottom) appearances of Chrome elements

Google, Chrome loading bar, calendar, and some of the items we encounter frequently, such as the selection menu. modern and minimalist updates with versions. You can compare the new and old versions of the items in question from the image above.

chrome site tracking

Another feature coming to the Android version of the web browser with Chrome 91 is website tracking happened. Although the technology giant has unplugged Google Reader, the new feature allows you to track websites and view them directly whenever a new content is published on the site. The feature in question is not yet available, but when it is accessible, click the options button on the top right in Chrome, then click the “followedYou will be able to access the sites you follow from the menu.

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