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BİM’s Virtual Currency BİMPARA Is Now Available

by tenderpuls

BİM has launched its mobile application BİMPARA, which allows you to shop using its own virtual currency. We have compiled the curiosities about this new application, which was put into service last month.

One of Turkey’s largest supermarket chains BIMannounced its new mobile application BIMPARA, in which you can load and spend money. Android and iOS devices Thanks to the mobile application published for BİM stores, you will be able to pay in a completely contactless way. By depositing money from your credit card to your account in the BIMPARA application, No need to carry credit cards or cash You can pay for all your BİM purchases on your phone.

You can send BIMPARA to anyone you want.

Thanks to the new BIMPARA application, you can BIMPARA You can also send. One person at a time You can send BIMPARA at a minimum of 10 TL and a maximum of 500 TL. Moreover, the person you are sending this to does not need to use the BIMPARA application. Thanks to the password sent via SMS to people who do not use the mobile application, purchases that allow them to be spent at once can be made. All you have to do is tell the password to the cashier.

How much money can be deposited at once?


BİM’s new application BIMPARA can deposit a minimum of 50 TL and a maximum of 2000 TL at a time. A maximum of 6000 TL of BIMPARA can be loaded in a day, at most 4 times. While the usage period of these deposited BIMPARAs is announced as 2 years, you can make contactless payments with the QR code in the BIM cash registers or with the 6-digit code in the application.

You will be able to see the expenses we have made


Thanks to the BIMPARA application, you will also have the opportunity to see the expenditures we make from BIM. When you click on the “My Account” section of the application You will be able to see all account activities for the last 3 months.


Investigation into 23 Chain Markets, including BİM and Carrefoursa

How do I download BIMPARA

If you want to download the BIMPARA application and have a try, you can download the application according to its operating system from the links below.

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