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A Different Alternative to Instagram: Poparazzi

by tenderpuls

Poparazzi is an app where you share photos of your friends instead of your own and your follower count makes no sense. The application, which ranks first in the App Store, is currently only available for iOS, but will soon come to Android.

Poparazzimore than what you do your friends an application that deals with what it does. In this context, Instagram’s the opposite We would not be wrong to say. It is also among the factors that put people into the race such as likes, comments and following. far The purpose of Poparazzi, a social media application, is to have fun with your friends or relatives.

The app, although new, is in the App Store most downloaded Managed to enter the list. If we need to talk about the operation of the application without going into details, when you upload a photo, you are asked who is the person in the photo. The name you will write in return must also be a Poparazzi account. This allows you to share your own photo. blocked is happening. We cannot say that this measure is that strict, but it serves the purpose of the implementation.


Number of followers in the application not showing and photos can also be reacted with emojis. With this, it is wanted to emphasize that the aim is just entertainment. The app also supports your photo editing. does not allow. Instead, it wants you to share the photo you took and return to the moment you are in.


The application does not have a few rough features. When you want to import your address book into the application, it is your chance to select and remove people you do not like or do not want to follow. it’s not happening. Instead, the app will save contacts from the address book. direct is following. About who sees your photos and who doesn’t insufficient information is available. Of course, we should mention that this application is new and these small problems can be solved at any time.

When using social media applications, we need to manage our time well for our health. While doing this, we spend our time using that social media application. to what we need to know that we spent. For hours on Instagram unnecessary Of course, spending time is not good for both our physical and mental health.


‘Advertising’ Regulation from the Ministry of Commerce to Disappoint Social Media Phenomena

But you do not allow you to share the moment you have caught and to be concerned with the number of followers or the upcoming good or bad comments, and to feel good or bad about your appearance thanks to its purpose. obstructing Poparazzi is a rethinking of time spent in currently used social media apps. can provide.

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