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Zack Snyder Has Crazy Ideas for Army of the Dead 2

by tenderpuls

Zack Snyder’s latest movie Army of the Dead was recently released on Netflix. The film’s director, Zack Snyder, left the door open for the sequel at the end of the film. Snyder has some ideas for the new movie.

Zack Snyder, one of the famous Hollywood directors, shot in 2004 Dawn of the dead He made his debut with. After numerous films set in the DC universe, with Army of the Dead, the director once again went behind the scenes for a zombie movie. We also interviewed the director and the crew about this movie.

An action-heist movie full of zombies Army of the DeadIn, we saw a team of ex-zombie warriors trying to steal millions of dollars in one final robbery in invaded Las Vegas.

This is just the beginning

Zack snyder With this film, it also took the first steps to a larger universe with more stories to tell, as it was familiar from series like Justice League before. Some of the stories in this universe will be broadcast on Netflix screens in the not too distant future. Army of the Dead: Lost VegasWe will see in.

The end of the movie is a to make a sequel leaving the necessary open door. Snyder said he knew exactly what he wanted to do in the second movie and hoped to get behind the camera again to tell this story.


Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder Released on Netflix

Snyder for the next movie in his release “Shay (Hatten, co-author of the movie) and I know exactly what happened after the finale. It crazy.“He says. Then”What if it were like this?“of theories as in the next movie He says it may be the subject.

Will try to persuade Netflix

army of the dead


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Referring to the various scenes in the film, the famous director zombie invasion He said he was pointing to the end. He also hinted that the sequel to the series is very likely to take place in Mexico.

Snyder is currently in the sequel “big, giant, crazy movieThe only obstacle to making the movie is yet From Netflix the fact that it did not get a green light on this issue. If Snyder’s other jobs don’t get in the way, we can see the sequel in a year or two.

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