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Part 5 Release Date of La Casa De Papel Announced

by tenderpuls

Netflix announced the fifth season release date of its phenomenal series La Casa de Papel, which aired in 2017, and released a mini promotional video. According to the statements made by the platform, the 10-episode final season of the legendary series will be broadcast in two.

Netflix, the world’s most popular online TV series and movie platform, was launched in 2017.La Casa de PapelFocused on robbing the Spanish Central Bank, this video attracted great attention in dozens of countries, including Turkey. Normally planned to consist of 15 episodes, the series was extended due to the interest it received and the fifth and to the final season came. Now, there has been an important development regarding this series.

Netflix says the heist will end and the series will make it to the finale. Season 5 release date explained. In addition, the platform, which shares a mini promotional video for the last season of La Casa de Papel, managed to excite. So when will the final season of Netflix’s phenomenal series be released?

The final season of La Casa de Papel, which will consist of 10 episodes, will be divided into two.

According to the statements made by Netflix, the final season will consist of 10 episodes, divided into two parts It will be served to Netflix users. In this context, the first half of the final season of La Casa de Papel 3 Septemberin, while the second half December 3Netflix officials, who announced that it will be released in 2021, seem to say goodbye to 2021 with La Casa de Papel.


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The number one name behind La Casa de Papel Alex pina He included the following statements in his explanations on the subject;

“When we started writing chapter 5 in the middle of the epidemic, we felt we needed to change what was expected of the ten-episode season, and we did everything we could to create the feel of the season finale or series finale in the first volume. We decided to work in an extremely aggressive manner and put the Gang to work. In volume 2, we focus more on the emotional state of the characters. We take a journey through their emotional map that connects us directly to their separation. ”

Here is the mini promotional video for La Casa de Papel’s final season.

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