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11 Tips for Selling Products on Instagram

by tenderpuls

We prepared an article that concerns those who want to sell on Instagram. You can increase your sales after this article, which we prepared on the ways and recommendations of selling products on Instagram. These purchases, which have increased in recent years, attract great attention from both buyers and sellers. If you are ready, let’s move on to our news about Instagram product sales recommendations.

Shopping on Instagram has been increasing in recent years. In this environment, which includes many different markets, the trade volume is growing considerably. How can I sell products on Instagram, how can I increase product sales?Questions such as how to sell products on the Instagram page are among the curious questions. As Webtekno family, we clarified these issues.

You can increase the volume of your sales and get yourself a good place in this market, even if you apply the tips in this article, which we have prepared for those who want to increase their product sales on Instagram, on your page regularly. In our list with 11 different Instagram sales increase recommendations many different techniques and forward-looking applications takes place. If you are ready, let’s move on to the next stage of the article with those who want to raise the dust of the market.

Product sales recommendations on Instagram:

  • Right mass
  • Creating a store
  • Brand awareness and institutionalism
  • Interaction with the customer
  • Product photos
  • Ads
  • Payment methods
  • Creating a campaign
  • Using hashtags correctly
  • Sweepstakes and collaborations
  • Feedbacks

Determining the right audience is the primary goal:

Instagram target audience

The most basic thing to sell on Instagram is to set the right target audience. The right target audience is one of the most important factors in increasing your sales. If you define your target audience correctly and use your resources accordingly, you can make very good sales. Age, gender, location The target audience you will create with such details will have a great share in increasing your sales.

Let’s say you have an Instagram account that sells car accessories. For this to determine the right target audience If you want, the gender of this target audience should be primarily male. We should set the age group above 18, because men with a driving license must be included in this group. If the location is in the form of the country you are in such a store, it will be more efficient for you.

Creating a store and introducing products to customers:

Creating an Instagram store

Displaying your products in the Instagram store will be the right strategy for you to look more professional and quality from the outside. Create a store and view your products here with the appropriate images. use together. Link to the stories you post about the products from this store and provide convenience to customers. Facebook and Instagram stores, which are also an important point in e-commerce, are a point you should include in terms of increasing sales.

To be professional about brand awareness and institutionalism:

instagram brand awareness

Creating a brand will be taking appropriate steps towards institutionalism while creating a brand, and most importantly, acting professionally while doing all of these. A corporate logo, a corporate profile, Whatsapp and Instagram business account Things like setting up will put you one step ahead and create the right impression for your customers in terms of reliability.

Interaction with the customer is one of the most important points:

Instagram client

One of the most important things to bring satisfaction to your customers is mutual interaction. Feedback from your customers Include in your profile. In this way, you will give confidence to both your existing customers and potential customers. You can like the photos your customers share about you and increase mutual interaction.

Product photos should be of good quality and promotional:

product photos

You should use correct images and videos to promote your products. Photos and videos, in which the product is clearly visible and the contents and the package are used in sizes and quality that will comfort the customers, can put you one step ahead of your competitors. Your product if possible support with promotional videos and don’t leave question marks on people.

Reach large audiences with ads:

instagram ad

Reach your target audience and increase your sales with the ads you buy on Instagram. First, set a daily budget and advertise on Instagram with the right posts or stories. You can analyze the products along with the statistics of the users coming from these ads and walk through this analysis. Never get used to cowardly when setting the budget. Remember that chickens are not spared from the future. 🙂

Increase your payment methods:


There can be many different payment methods in Instagram sales. By applying all the methods you can apply such as money order, cash on delivery, Shopier-style intermediary payment methods, mobile payment to your page you must offer customers different options. The payment method at the door can be an ideal method for users who do not use credit cards and other electronic payments.

Create a campaign and attract more customers:

instagram campaign

Attracting the attention of customers by creating campaigns is one of the most important steps to be taken. Free shipping, 2 buy 1 pay-as-you-go campaigns, reference discounts By creating campaigns such as, you can attract the attention of the masses and increase your Instagram sales. In order to bring your campaigns to more users, you should not neglect to announce this with ads and stories.

Increase your views by using hashtags correctly:

instagram hash

You can reach users who do not follow you by opening hashtags of your product. In hashtags, first of all, choose tags that are suitable for your product, have a high share number and will always remain valid. For example, the #tbt tag, where users share their old photos of their past, can reach a wider audience with a product photo suitable for this theme. With the hashtags you have created in Turkish and English, you can reach many people searching for that topic and increase your sales. You can appeal to serious and large audiences by making correct hashtags with point shots.

Gain followers and customers with sweepstakes and collaborations:

instagram raffle

Increasing sales on Instagram We emphasize the lottery and cooperation issues, which are among the most popular methods. You can distribute your product with a sweepstakes by cooperating with an influencer and reach large audiences. Getting people’s attention and drawing a lottery accordingly can have a direct positive impact on your sales. If the right strategy is used, you can even make a boom in your sales.

Pay attention to the feedback:

Product or service, whatever we sell, customers are at the heart of what we do. You should follow the returns of the product or service we offer to customers, and if necessary, communicate with the customer about this issue. You should care about the criticisms and suggestions on the products you sell and take steps in this direction. Customer recommendations do not take you one step further, a few steps forward will lead.

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