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Sedat Peker’s Videos Added as a Series to IMDb

by tenderpuls

Sedat Peker videos, which shook the agenda of Turkey, were added to IMDb as a ‘mini TV series’. The YouTube videos that Peker made striking statements were categorized with genres such as crime and biography on the world’s largest movie database site.

As you’ve probably heard Sedat PekerHas taken over the agenda of Turkey with the videos it shares on YouTube. Making striking statements about many important names of Turkish politics in the videos, Peker managed to reach millions of viewers in a short time. This popularity also enabled Sedat Peker’s videos to be listed on the world’s most exclusive movie database site.

The most spoken name in social media for the last few weeks Sedat Peker, ‘Reis Sedat Peker’ The videos he shared on his YouTube channel, Listed in the ‘mini TV series’ category on IMDb. The fake television series ‘Sedat Peker vs AKP’, which is stated to be in crime, biography and ‘reality’ genres on the site, managed to make social media laugh as the main videos.

Sedat Peker’s TV series got 10 points on IMDb

Sedat Peker, who is currently wanted for leading an organized criminal organization, has been making some claims about the important names of Turkish politics on YouTube for a few weeks. The videos, which contain striking claims about the well-known names of Turkish politics, naturally have attracted the positive and negative attention of the Turkish people. The latest seventh episode of the video series has increased this popularity a little more.

Videos posted on Peker’s own YouTube channel were recorded on IMDb, the world’s largest movie database. Video series categorized as a mini series; Described by crime, biography, and ‘reality’ genres. Many names from Turkish politics and general Turkey agenda, Due to their names in the video, they were added to the cast list of the series. The series is now Rated 10 out of 10.

How are videos added to IMDb?

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YouTube Confirms Sedat Peker’s YouTube Channel That Shakes Turkey

So, how did these videos, which are shared on YouTube, whose main event is mostly political statements and in this way shake the country’s agenda, have been listed as a series on IMDb? The answer is simple: because it’s a TV show, movie, program or any other production; the site is not only uploaded by IMDb employees. Users can also add the productions they see and hear to the site.

Of course, videos added by users Need to be approved by IMDb officials. Probably the video series that was uploaded to the site for joke was approved because of distraction or because of really assuming a series; we do not know there.

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