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Nuclear Attack Feature Added to Cold War

by tenderpuls

The new update of CoD: Cold War, which has been popular since its release, has added a nuclear attack feature to the game. This feature, which is thought to be added as a homage to the previous games of the series, appears in a slightly different way compared to the previous games of the series.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a game that has quite a lot of players since its release. Especially the series lovers and in the latest update of Cold War, which offers a nice gaming experience for players who love to fight in multiplayer maps nuclear attack feature has arrived.

In fact, this feature, which is found in many Call of Duty games, is a kind of moment of silence in nature. This feature, which is even in Call of Duty Mobile, has been coming to the Cold War game for a long time. waiting the players finally got the feature they wanted.

So what is this nuclear attack like?

Nuclear attack is actually in all Call of Duty series since Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 in multiplayer maps is a feature. Usually have a specific kill streak or on the map hidden This feature, which can be used by the player who finds an item, is to prevent all players on the map. at the same time killing Sure to that bomb activating including the player. After this feature was used, all the players died and the game was over.

Nuclear attack feature for most players for a long time He was also waiting for Cold War. Some sources even include some game files that contain hints that the nuclear attack will be added to the game. Reddit had shared on. 21 MayPatch update for Cold War in Treyarch, in the patch notes not specified some players discovered this feature by chance, and suddenly there was a viral became.

How to do nuclear attack in CoD: Black Ops Cold War:

cod: black ops cold war

  • This feature is currently only available for the game “Die HardpointValid in ”mode.
  • Without dying in the game 25 pieces you have to kill the enemy.
  • On the right side of the screen when you have killed 25 enemies nuclear attack You will see the option.
  • After choosing nuclear attack Countdown will start.

At the end of the countdown, all players on the map will be dead. When the nuclear attack starts, it cannot be turned off and unlike other Call of Duty games he doesn’t end the gameonly makes all players die in that round. The reason for this is probably that this feature of the players finish the games early and the other players enjoy the game. not to spoil thought to be.

By Treyarch yet on this issue no no explanation was made. This feature was added to the game by mistake, or if a error result It is unlikely to have appeared, as all players who meet the requirements can use this feature without any problems.

However, the feature is only available with a single game mode. will be limited not considered. When the duration of this limited-time game mode is over, the nuclear attack feature of the game to all multiplayer modes expected to be added.


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The addition of this feature, which is a homage to the old Call of Duty games, to Cold War seems to be very pleasing to Call of Duty fans. Well, what do you think about this addition, was it necessary?

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