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New Broadcast Tags Are Coming to Twitch

by tenderpuls

Live broadcast platform Twitch will add more than 350 tags such as sexual orientation, race and mental health before the end of May. In addition, the LGBTQIA + tag covering more than one orientation will be removed and independent tags will be added instead.

Twitchis one of the most popular live broadcast platforms of our time. Even if we say he holds the first place, we would not be wrong. Even if it lost the first place, Twitch, which has created a large audience from the past and seems to continue its way with that audience, has been the subject of discussion in recent months due to broadcast tags, and had to remove certain tags from the platform.

Publishers; Live broadcast platform that allows them to coexist with their audience by playing games, chatting or playing musical instruments Twitch, publishers support and more easy broadcast labels to ensure their availability. hundreds of new adding will make. With new and more detailed additions, viewers will now be able to find relevant broadcasters more easily.

New tags to be added to Twitch

Twitch, with the article published on the site, joined the platform before the end of May. 350He stated that more than one new post tags will be added. Among them; black, disabled, veteran and Vtuber There are hundreds of tags such as. Also, Twitch is a LGBTQIA + He stated that more detailed tags will be added instead of the tag. This is also Trance instead of using the LGBTQIA + tag in an individual’s broadcast ‘trance‘means it can use the tag.

Twitch also stated that these tags are offered entirely as options, and with this move, his goal is to give streamers more options.

Why does Twitch prefer these tags?

Why does Twitch use these tags?

Twitch collaborated with organizations working on the development of communities that were not valued or promoted enough in society, such as GLAAD, The Trevor Project, AbleGamers, and SpecialEffect. Adds 350Thanks to more than ‘new tags, the live broadcast platform increased both the audience will be Easier will have enabled it to reach.


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Also, according to Twitch’s words, in the past, the broadcasters one’s Tags that did not mention who you are and only describe the content of the broadcast were used. Established between viewers and broadcasters bond The live broadcast platform, who saw it, stated that it accepted its mistake and that this move would provide people with more ways to be discovered by allowing them to express themselves.

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