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Days Gone Voiceover Hints A New Game

by tenderpuls

Sam Witwer, who we know from Days Gone and Star Wars: Force Unleashed games, gave clues about his new project at the question and answer event. Witwer’s statement that he was working on a project different from his previous works excited his fans. Turning their eyes to the E3 event, fans began to boil down the cauldron of gossip about Witwer’s new project.

Every year, especially During the summer months, there is a stir in the game market. E3, Summer Game Fest With the approach of events such as the market rumor cauldron boiling, trailers and games slowly to leak starts. Successful companies last year, on the other hand, by making question and answer activities on social media, the questions on your mind tries to resolve.

Days Gone and the actor and voice actor who brought the main characters of the Star Wars: Force Unleashed series to life Sam Witwer, Recently Reddit answered questions from fans of the game on the Days Gone page on it.

Witwer and his future plans:

A Reddit user told Witwer on his Reddit page, answering questions about Days Gone and his career, “Do you have a project that you will work on in the next period?” he asked. In general, questions and answers to such questions clear answers would not be given, but Witwer said, “To answer briefly Yes, there is. But this is what I’ve worked with before does not look like any project. Sorry for not being able to give a more specific answer”Answered in the form.

Witwer also took the guesswork out of Days Gone and what he did there. huge contribution He also added that. Witwer, an actor and voice actor, did not say anything else on the subject, but his fans were more than just a few phrases. implications had. According to the estimates made and the allegations made, if this game Days Gone 2 if not possibly a new Sony game or Bend Studiois working on brand new it may be a brand.

Right now, fans are turning their eyes on E3, one of the biggest gaming events of the year. Whether the work mentioned by Witwer really hopes is by Sony, Bend Studios, or completely different Whether it will be from a company is expected with curiosity.


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After his successful performance in Days Gone, the details of the new project that Witwer will work on are eagerly awaited.

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