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Apex Legends Players Complain About Cosmetics Prices

by tenderpuls

Apex Legends players complain about the high prices of in-game cosmetic items. The players who directed these troubles to the Respawn Entertainment manager who made a question and answer event on the Reddit page of the game received a response from the company official.

Today “battle royaleMost competitive survival games called free to play somehow it comes to market Games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends attract gamers’ attention “having the game without paying and having long-term gameplay with constantly renewed mechanics”Is trying to pull with the tactic.

This genre of free games earning money his logic is often to sell cosmetics and special event tickets that change the looks of the characters in the game and the look of their weapons. Players do not gain any superiority in the game with these purchased items, while the items are just appearances.

Epic Games, in particular, has managed to raise the bar in this regard. Popular game Fornite like DC, Marvel, Star Wars for worldwide These looks and costumes of Epic Games, which have signed agreements with well-known brands with audiences of all ages, are almost cheese bread sells like Call of Duty: Warzone, which takes Epic’s move as an example, is also the classic action movies of the 80s. Die Hard and Rambo made deals for the content in his films.

So what did Apex Legends do?

All competitors make such moves and attract players and micropay their existing players. while convincing Apex Legends, He did nothing. There was neither an agreement with a different brand nor a special content. The developer team only constantly releases new skins and costumes so players can buy them. hoped. It seems that users have nothing to do with the price of these content not glad. This topic even moved to Reddit and a company official responded to the players.

Response to players complaining about in-game cosmetic prices at the Apex Legends official:

Ryan Rigney, Communications Manager of Respawn Entertainment, the producer of Apex Legends, was the target of these questions at a Q&A event on the game’s Reddit page recently. Answering all questions about pricing at once, Rigney shared a 4-point answer about pricing issues.

  • Respawn Entertainment is game-oriented: For this reason, we did not want any part of the game to be opened for an additional fee or to be paid for the game from the very beginning. We have never sold and will not sell special and powerful items for the game in order to prevent the “Pay to Win” meaning pay-to-win logic in the game. For this reason, you can only earn the “Legend Tokens” you use to unlock characters by playing the game.
  • Production cost: While most of our competitors can offer these cosmetic products to the players quickly and easily, we work in more detail because we are a smaller team. Our employees, which is the part that most people forget in the equation, design these cosmetic products for the players and present them to you during long working hours. Their work also needs to be paid for, and for this reason, the prices of such cosmetics can be a bit high.
  • Pricing: As we mentioned earlier, we want Apex to exist for a very, very long time. In order to do this, we must have a steady income. We hope our players understand how hard we are trying to keep things balanced. This is a very difficult thing if you look at the whole picture. Gamers have a lot to expect from the Apex universe, and we have a lot to offer. However, if we cannot establish a healthy business model, unfortunately, none of this can happen. New game modes, maps and new features will be added to the game when we can afford it all financially.
  • Awards: We are aware that not everyone can afford to make these micropayments. For this reason, we developed the system we call “Award Tracking System”. In this way, you can earn valuable prizes just by playing without giving any money to the game.

In addition to all of these, Rigney when necessary He also stated that corrections will be made.


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Some of the actors used Rigney’s explanation. honest and although some players find it gratifying, a definite answer not given was not satisfied for it. Well, did this statement by the Apex Legends official satisfy you? Do you think there should be a reduction in the price of in-game cosmetics?

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