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New State’s Closed Alpha Applications Opened

by tenderpuls

PUBG: New State, the highly anticipated game of the PUBG series, has finally begun to be offered to players. Interesting information was given about the game that will start alpha tests in the near future.

Krafton Inc. developed by and PUBG: Mobile in the near future Closed Alpha applications have been opened for PUBG: New State, a version to be passed.

Already in the world millions Although the PUBG brand, which is a player, first made its debut on PC and consoles, on mobile platforms had caught. In our country PUBG brand with quite a lot of players. February After its introduction in finally to tests has begun.

How will PUBG: New State applications be?

Closed Alpha submissions for PUBG: New State USA Stating that Krafton Inc is opened for players who want to participate in this week He stated that they should make their applications. According to the announcement made Android Applications for the tests to be made on the platform will be open until June 6 and the selected candidates will be 11-13 June will be announced between dates. Krafton Inc. in his statement limited edition There will be room and submissions are only for PUBG: New State. website He also stated that it would be over.

In the statement, recently Europe and Asia It was stated that the tests will start in the regions. In the tests to be carried out in the USA, the connection quality of the servers, the performance of the game and the in-game systems will be tested. The main purpose of these tests is to determine where the game is currently located. expectations will measure whether it meets or not.

Tests of the game, which is stated to be released later this year, TROI 8×8 sized, called we were futuristic pass through a map and players 2051 You can test the features of this game, which passed in 2012, here.

Statement about PUBG: New State:

Executive producer of PUBG: New State Minkyu Park In his statement, “We have started these tests to bring this game to this valuable community as high quality and smoothly as possible. We hope that we can meet the expectations of our players and make them happy. By this time, your main goal is to help all players around the world. funny and to produce a fluid game. We hope that we will bring this game to the same quality and offer it to our community soon.” said.

On the one hand, PUBG Studios is preparing to start PUBG: New State tests, on the other hand, for PUBG: Mobile “Last StandHe is preparing to bring the update he named. In this update, it has been on the agenda again with the newly released Godzilla vs Kong movie. Godzilla and King Kong It was stated that a story about it will be added. In addition, thanks to this update, players can go out of the way they are used to. interactive It is said that a story will be told.

In a statement about the Last Stand update, Tencent company said, “The Monarch research team will take off in a helicopter and track Godzilla at sea. But few of them have two titanium will predict between. You will be able to see this helicopter on the lobby screen. You can start playing this special content by tapping the helicopter. Points earned in this event, special awards tradable forHe gave information about this update by saying.


How did PUBG Mobile, which swept the world by storm, become so popular?

PUBG players are looking forward to both the new PUBG: Mobile update and the upcoming PUBG: New State.

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