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Netflix Working on Game Subscription System

by tenderpuls

Netflix seems to have its eyes on the gaming industry now. The platform is said to have started teaming up for the game subscription system. It is known that the service of the platform, which is said to be looking for a senior manager, is at the beginning of the road.

The gaming industry is turning into a more profitable industry every day, and big companies that want to get a share from the cake or increase their share are taking important steps in this regard. Netflix has taken a critical step in this direction and a new game subscription system is preparing to be included in the sector with.

In fact, the game subscription systems are a system we are familiar with from systems such as Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass. This system of Netflix to a wider network of users Apple Arcade is only available on Apple devices and Google Play Pass is only available on Android devices. However, it is currently unknown how the system will be developed and what features it will offer.

The team is newly set up for the system:

It is known that Netflix has just started to take steps in this regard. Because the company is still in the process of building a team. First in the game industry an experienced manager started to search and, according to some sources, has already met with many experienced names from the sector.


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The global game market has a volume of more than $ 300 billion according to the latest reports, and it seems quite logical that Netflix wants to enter this huge market from somewhere. However, it is not yet known whether Netflix will develop and present its own games or only bring games from different game studios to its subscribers. A scenario with both doesn’t sound unreasonable at all.

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