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Love and Thunder’s Set Viewed from Air

by tenderpuls

The set of Thor: Love and Thunder, which started shooting in recent months, is still under construction, and has been viewed from the air by The Daily Mail. The set is the town itself that will become the home of Asgardians.

Marvel’s next installment will be the fourth installment in the Thor franchise Thor: Love and Thunder shooting started about 5 months ago. While the shooting of the new movie continues, some behind the scenes or photos that point to the content of the film continue to come. Today, new photos have been shared from the set in Australia.

The photos shared by The Daily Mail were taken from the air and reveal important details about the set. The set shows a small town still under construction. More than one house in town, one bar and ‘New AsgardThere is a hotel called ‘. However, there are boats and boats in some places.

Images from the set of Thor: Love and Thunder:

Around the set, with blue panels surrounded. In this way, the team will be able to make the town the way we see it in the movie once the shootings are complete. As far as we can understand from the photographs, this small settlement will be a place by the sea. You can clearly see that the place separating the sea and land is the pavement under the two white boats.


Besides that in one of the photos A boat that resembles Viking boots takes place. Inside this boat are the seats we see on the trains in the amusement parks. Although we do not know what the function of these seats will be, some parties who see the photograph state that Asgardians will organize tours for people.


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In the highly anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder, Natalie Portman will return as Jane Foster again and Goddess of Thunder to be attractive. The movie will feature more new faces, transitions from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and famous names than any other Marvel movies we’ve seen so far.

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