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Google to Implement New Rating System for Pages

by tenderpuls

Technology giant Google is implementing a new system to be considered when ranking pages in the search engine. With the new system, the experience of web pages to their users will be scored.

Today, there are millions of websites in the internet world and these sites are used to rank higher in Google in their respective fields. making special effort. But this effort can also ruin users’ page experiences. Here, Google has developed a new system to prevent this.

The technology giant made an announcement for the search engine last November. will start evaluating the page experiences as well. had explained. Here, after that announcement, In the Google I / O event It has been announced that this evaluation system will be activated this year. Evaluation system, for now only mobile web pages will be valid.

What is this evaluation system?

Google considers four main factors when it comes to page experience. These loading time, things that annoy the user, security and privacy and accessibility. These four factors are affected by different factors in themselves. For example, the accessibility of a page gets positive points thanks to its mobile user friendliness. The highest rated websites in total are also it gets ahead of its competitors.

So how will we be affected as a user?

Thanks to Google’s new evaluation system, many websites have to adapt themselves to Google’s evaluations. will be optimized. This change is too much it will be visible and there will be a sudden change. The quality of our experience as a user on a page will increase and we will be exposed to less on-page content that annoys us. Most importantly, as the ranking of websites will change the way we get information it will show a big change.


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Although Google has announced that the new system will only be implemented on the mobile side for now, this does not mean that the system will not be implemented for desktop web pages. On the contrary, Google’s Product Manager Jeffrey Rose said that the system will be that it will be applied on all kinds of internet pages, including the desktop explained.

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