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Tactics to Rank Up in Valorant

by tenderpuls

Ranking in Valorant, where contraction is almost impossible in the rank system, seems easy at first glance, but requires serious efforts. While the Radiant rank seems like a dream to many people, we wanted to share the tried and tested tactics to reach Gold, which is the minimum rank that will allow you to enjoy the game.

In the coming months Will fill its 1st year Valorant’s rank system can be annoying at times. In order to enjoy the game thoroughly, it is necessary to play with people who take the game as seriously as you and who are far from trolling, but this is mostly unfortunately. As for the Gold rank is possible.

It is not that difficult to reach the Gold rank in Valorant, but it is not that easy. Personally In this way I started as Silver 2, to become hooked between Gold 2 – 3 It was not as easy as pulling a hair from butter, on the contrary, I had to follow and apply certain rules all the time. In this process, the one who most helps me to rank up, Even a player with little FPS experience I wanted to share with you some tactics that will bring you to the Gold level over time.

Tactics to help you rank up in Valorant:

  • Train on Aimlab or shooting range
  • Make a sound by playing lots of Death Match
  • Customize mouse sensitivity and DPI settings
  • Try to use a 144 Hz or higher monitor
  • Minimize graphics settings for maximum FPS
  • Expand your agent pool
  • Be careful about crosshairs
  • Use the Lurk tactic
  • Avoid the Run & Shoot technique
  • Apply the Exit frag tactic

Practice aim

The most important thing you need to have in the FPS game is a consistent aim. How much is your aim if good and stable You can shoot as many men in the game as well. The game called Aim Lab, which is offered for free on Steam, allows you to train only on this issue. Also for such exercises You can also use Valorant’s own polygon mode. you can benefit.

Aim training may seem boring at first, but if you want to improve and rank higher in the game, you should devote at least 15-20 minutes a day to such exercises and breaking your own records is required.

Play plenty of Deathmatches before getting competitive

Valorant Death Match

The mode that determines our rank in Valorant is the Competitive mode, but the first time you open the game before your hand warms up If you enter competitive you will often regret it. Lots of it before getting ready for competitive mode Death match It is necessary to play this game mode, which is very easy in both theory and practice. We shouldn’t play with shaking our hands.

As you know, in modes such as Deathmatch, you are surrounded by the Competitive mode. there will be many more enemies and so this mod, to tighten the sound exactly. Most of us do not wear headphones or even turn on music when we play a death match, but if we want to improve ourselves in this regard, we need to play Death Match with a loud voice, without getting bored.

Customize your mouse’s sensitivity and DPI settings

Valorant settings

The proverb is that every man has a yogurt meal, we can say that it is quite valid in FPS games. One of the things that will affect your performance in the game the most mouse sensitivity and DPI setting, you must make it according to your own play style.

The mouse sensitivity of many successful names we see in the e-sports community extremely low you realize that it is. If you have just started the game, trying to adjust the settings this way will cause you to get cold without getting used to the game, and the thing called sensitivity is reduced over time, not just like that.

If you have the opportunity, use a 144 Hz and higher monitor.


This article is due to today’s conditions. optional we have to keep. As a result, the price of monitors with 144 Hz refresh rate has taken off. Still, if you’re serious about it and want to take your gaming hobby one step further to make the investment in this direction There are benefits.

The fast monitor refresh rate always puts you one step ahead of your competitors. Let’s say your opponent’s monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate, while your monitor supports 144 Hz. Thanks to the extra refresh rate you get, you will see your opponent before you see them and your reaction time is also earlier, in parallel will be. You will always be more likely to kill the other party because you reacted before.

Keep your graphics settings to a minimum for maximum FPS

valorant settings

The higher you keep the graphics settings, the better the image quality you get from the game, but in a tough competitive mode, what matters not how realistic the walls lookis how much FPS you can get.

Especially if you don’t have a monster computer, to get maximum FPS reduce the graphics settings to the minimum we recommend. In this way, just like the example we gave on the 144 Hz monitor, your time to see and react to your opponent will be faster than your opponent thanks to high FPS.

Expand your pool of agents even if you only play entry

valorant agents

This is our suggestion that Valorant is usually alone sounds for those who play. In every game we don’t play with the team, the thing that annoys us the most is the character selection screen. insta pick happens. The agent you play with all the time and call main can be chosen by someone else, and in these situations To get to plan B you have to know other agents well.

It is very important to master every agenda that exists in Valorant, at least to some level. For example, if your main agent is Omen, where to shoot Sova’s arrows, Sage’s most effective wall and orb locations you need to learn. You can also get contracts for newly added agents such as Yoru and Astra. open as soon as they come It is useful to learn the new strengths of your potential opponent.

If you think you’ve learned all the agents in Valorant and are playing well, try to master duel-heavy agents this time. Especially if you enter the game alone solo carry Turn to the dueling agents you can, namely Raze, Phoenix, Reyna, and Jett.

Be careful about crosshairs

valorant rank jump

Means crosshairs in FPS games flesh bone of the game means. To be able to throw headshot at the opponent to spray consistently Both the crosshairin style and the place we place it on the screen are of great importance.

Crosshair as small as possible If you try to adjust it, you will see the opponent more comfortably and after a while you will always start shooting at the same level thanks to the habit of eye. While walking through the map, you should align the crosshairi to stand in the center of the screen and never walk facing the ground or upward.

Use the lurk tactic in low elo

valorant cypher

Actually most of us playing games to lurk tactics. We are against it, but if you are low-rated and contracting a solo carry, this tactic can be very useful both in protecting your team and winning the game.

When your other teammates enter A while on the offensive side, backing up those who will exit B if you catch them vulnerable you can take the hand easily. Of course, it is worth noting that this tactic does not work in advanced elo, and your competitors will be at least as cunning as you.

Avoid running & shoots with Vandal and Phantom


With kelesh or M4 in our hands that we shouldn’t shoot while running We must have learned from CS: GO. For those who have not played FPS before but will try their luck in Valorant, let’s get a little summary; If you try to fire by running with rifles like Vandal or Phantom you shoot a rock at the mountain.

Of course, this was not the case in the early stages of Valorant. It wasn’t much of a difference in running and firing steadily in Valorant until January, but luckily the developers heard their fans’ voices and managed to strike a balance once in a while. I’ve been running and shooting since this balance has been struck ricochet of bullets we can not control. Long story short, if you want to pounce on your opponent and kill them while running, try to choose Specter-style weapons instead of Phantom or Vandal. If you have a rifle in your hand, standing firmly or ctrl focus on crouching and shooting thanks to it.

Try to get an exit trailer in rounds where you are in the minority

valorant viper

Exit frag, if you didn’t win the round both to increase the KDA ratio and to negatively affect the competitor’s economy It is a tactic used. Let’s say everyone on the opposite team is alive, but you are the only one left from your team.

It will be very difficult to enter between 5 people and unravel the Spike, so waiting outside the area where the opponent set up the bomb will be very difficult. to hunt players leaving the field you can work. In this way, as I have mentioned before, your KDA ratio will increase and you will be able to disarm your opponent in the next hand. spend money you will have to.


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