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Intel Describes Details of Artificial Intelligence Used in GTA 5

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Stephen Richter, one of the Intel engineers, explained the details of the artificial intelligence they adapted to GTA 5 in an interview. Saying that they use convolutional neural networks to ensure realism, Richter states that this artificial intelligence can literally bring games to a real world.

In a content we shared with you last week, Intel Labs adapted an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by their engineers to GTA 5 and that the image resulting from this adaptation is as if it were the real world. we mentioned. One of the Intel executives who gave an interview on this topic Stephen richterexplained in detail how they provided the images in question.

Saying that there are many artificial intelligence algorithms for movies, games and simulations, Richter you should use the most correct algorithmi say. To achieve this, they are one of the sub-branches of deep learning technology. “convolutional neural networksStating that they make use of the technique, the Intel manager, the artificial intelligence they have created, the objects in the game change He states that he is being trained for.

Intel’s AI learns photos of objects in the world

Intel engineers use real artificial intelligence algorithms in GTA 5. with photos of objects in the world they trained. However, this has led to some differences between the normal version of the game and the artificial intelligence adaptation. Stating that the object photographs were also taken in Germany because they continued their work in Germany, Stephen Richter said, asphalt and natural formations such as trees and greenery. He states that he looks more like in Germany than in the USA. It seems like Richter’s words could someday allow a game to take place in a real country.


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Stephen Richter said that the created image is good but enough that it cannot present realism he accepts. Referring to the reasons for this, the Intel engineer states that everything in the game is not realistic enough, and that this affects artificial intelligence. For example, the traffic in GTA 5 is less than real life and the garbage puddles The fact that it is minimalist confused artificial intelligence and could not provide the realism it should have been.


According to the statements made by the Intel manager, this artificial intelligence algorithm, with a much more detailed and adaptable image Easy going in the regions If trained, it has the potential to produce much better results. In addition, this artificial intelligence needs to be integrated into game engines in order to achieve the best result. Speaking about the fact that artificial intelligence can already access some data, Stephen Richter said that their current purpose is to use this artificial intelligence. include in game engines says it is.

Intel is a big hit in the gaming world if it can do what it wants revolution that it will live we can say clearly. Because this technology will allow a game to be experienced as if it were real. This can allow a game to take place in a completely real city. On the other hand, it will be created with this kind of artificial intelligence. virtual reality his productions can give people an experience they have never seen before. For example; You can wander around the popular squares of Istanbul or the vast beaches of Antalya using appropriate equipment.

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