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Heads Team Will No More Provide Provocation Videos

by tenderpuls

Heads team announced that they will no longer make a provocation video with a video they shared today. The team stated that there was more than one reason behind their decision.

The Kafalar team, which is one of the most watched channels in Turkey with 7.38 million subscribers on YouTube and has been spoken to with a prison sentence for a recent video, is today on its channels. ‘Explanation!..’ A video titled was posted.

Fatih Yasin, Atakan Özyurt and Bilal Hancı stated that they will no longer make more provocation videos in their statement video. Why they made such a decision According to the team explaining, there are many reasons behind their decisions.

‘We are known for provocation videos’

One of the situations that they highlight in the video as a reason for the team’s decisions is that they published for 6 years. Only 20 out of 350 videos although they are only mentioned with provocative videos. The team also says that they are held responsible for the provocation videos that have become widespread among young people because of this concept that belongs to them.

Another justification is that the team mentally tiringwant to produce more fun and enjoyable videos. At the same time, the Kafalar team, saying that they do not want to be criticized and remembered as ‘the team that shot ridiculous provocative videos’ and that they are also disturbed by this perception about them, says that they will soon offer higher quality content to their audience on the channel.


The Court Decision Announced Due To The Video Released For The YouTuber Team Heads

Stating that they always take care to produce original content, Kafalar team stated that the provocative videos are a product of sincerity among themselves and that they shot these videos for this reason. ‘watching too much short way‘indicates that you are being abused by people who want it.

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