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Console Sales for the First Quarter of 2021 Announced

by tenderpuls

Details about the sales of the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, which have divided the gaming community into two, as did their predecessors, have been announced since the day they were released. According to the data, PlayStation has doubled the Xbox.

Last November Microsoft and Sonyhas introduced the hardware of its new consoles to its users in a very impressive way, especially for the console community. Advanced SSDhold on to ray tracing, enhanced controllers and other new features excited the players.

Although many games that we can test the strength of the consoles have now taken their place in the markets, it is very difficult to say that their number is sufficient. Nevertheless, in this generation, as in every generation, Xbox and PlayStation are in a fierce race. Consoles in the first quarter of 2021 how much you sell showing Ampere Analysis The information provided by the PlayStation’s Xbox that you doubled is showing.

In the first quarter of 2021, PlayStation 5 has doubled the Xbox One X / S:

According to the information transferred, when we look at the first quarter of 2021, the PlayStation side 2.83 millionIf the Xbox side 1.31 million we see that he is selling console. In this context, it would not be wrong to say that Sony has gone beyond doubling.

Often with stock issues It has been predicted that the balances will change many times about the consoles that came to the agenda. But IBMIt recently confirmed that it expects the chip shortage to persist until 2023. This is accompanied by stock problems of PlayStation and Xbox sales. at this rate he points out that he will continue.

It’s not the PlayStation or the Xbox that takes the lead in the console race:

Xbox Playstation and Switch Sales Chart


It will be difficult to find a PlayStation 5 by 2022, according to Sony

Mostly familiar with the Xbox or PlayStation sides, but Nintendo Switch is at the forefront of console sales. Switch family, in the table where we see that the games affect the console purchases immensely, 2.83 million selling PlayStation 5 and 1.31 million selling Up from the total of the Xbox Series X / S family 5.86 million has reached the sale. This success of the Switch family, console Animal Crosssing: New Horizons It is also associated with the game. Because the game was among the best sellers of March 2021.

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