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Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder Released on Netflix

by tenderpuls

Directed by successful director and filmmaker Zack Snyder, Army of the Dead has taken its place in the Netflix library. We wanted to talk a little bit about what awaits us and organized zombies in this movie that creates adrenaline-filled scenes about zombies and robbery.

The long-awaited new movie Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder, one of the most admired directors of the Hollywood world, met with his audience. Snyder Completely independent of DC This film, which he produced and written, was first shown in select movie theaters in the USA and then in the Netflix library.

Snyder, to this universe he totally re-created both zombies and a grand heist has always managed to keep the excitement at high levels. Army of the Dead, which we have encountered for the first time with smart zombies introduces us.

What awaits us in the movie?

Army of the Dead is a masterpiece equipped with multiple dynamics. If you only expect to see people trying to survive, turning into monsters trying to get rid of zombies, much more than these I can easily say that you can find it in Army of the Dead.

As you know, Zack Snyder has returned to the zombie universe after a very long hiatus. we have never encountered in any production He showed us all kinds of zombies. Just look at the queen zombie’s clothes in the trailer to understand what I mean.

Army of the Dead

Faster, smarter and organized for the first time We will encounter zombies in this movie. In this period when everything is destroyed and zombies invade Las Vegas, the mercenary gang, who has chased millions of dollars, steps into the zombie kingdom and faces dangerous adventures.

The leader of this group is Dave Bautista, first known from WWE Smackdown and then Guardians of the Galaxy. Till now, we’ve always known Bautista as his tough personality, but this time the big guy The pursuit of millions of dollars and the reason he is scanning zombies with a machine gun is quite emotional.

Both robbery and zombies in a row

army of the dead

As we mentioned before, Army of the Dead has two main themes; zombie invasion and grand heist. At first glance, the topics may seem classic, but it is worth mentioning that Snyder is justified on both. In order to better understand what I am talking about, let’s open up the subject of the movie a little more.

Army of the Dead is about a post-apocalyptic era when Las Vegas is invaded by zombies, full of fun. When zombies are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is survival efforts, but while America is destroyed and the survivors of the zombies are protected in a region surrounded by containers, seem to need adrenaline The mercenary gang also decides to go after $ 200 million. This $ 200 million is now included in The Vegas Bly, one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas, belonging to the zombie kingdom.

army of the dead

This group led by Bautista zombie army first They must defeat and reach The Vegas Bly, open the vault that has not been solved for years, and then escape in a long-unusable, wrecked helicopter. Although it sounds very simple, thanks to Snyder’s magnificent scenario and impressive camera shots, it is the first time in your life. with zombies to sympathize with You will meet and climb to the top of the seat with excitement.

Recently With the cast of Army of the Dead We excitedly shared with you that we were interviewing. The interview is full of spoilers and you can access the interview, where names such as Snyder, Dave Bautista and Omari Hardwick answered our questions after watching the movie, if you wish, by clicking here.

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