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YouTuber Returned From Death During Shooting Practice [Video]

by tenderpuls

Scott DeShields Jr., owner of the YouTube channel Kentucky Ballistics, died when the rifle exploded in his face during shooting practice. The YouTuber says he won’t quit his job despite all that he’s been through.

So many people YouTubeHe thinks it’s easy to make money by uploading videos to. Some content does indeed “Does this video save its owner money?“Although it is simple enough to say, some contents are also”Is it worth it for the money?“It can be so difficult and tragic to say.” He is a former police officer in the US state of Kentucky. YouTuber Scott DeShields Jr.made the second one say in his last uploaded video.

DeShields Jr., 1.84 million As you can understand from its name on the YouTube channel “Kentucky Ballistics”, which has a subscriber content related to weapons sharing. While nearly every video of DeShields Jr. is pushing million views, a video he released two weeks ago surpassed 14 million views for terrible reason.

DeShields Jr. himself. According to the comments by YouTuber, Serbu RN-50 The rifle exploded suddenly as the model was firing with the rifle, causing DeShields Jr. to spend several days between life and death. Armor-piercing sabot projectile also known as SLAP Serbu RN-50 exploded, breaking into pieces the moment YouTuber hit the trigger during the firing trial where he used bullets.

After the explosion, parts of the rifle were scattered all over the place, and you can imagine the damage it took, considering DeShields Jr. After the explosion, the YouTuber is directly thrown back and falls. Parts of the rifle break three bones in the face, including the nose, and also his right eye is temporarily blinded why is this happening.

the rifle went off

Moreover, the fragments blown off by the explosion of the rifle also shattered YouTuber’s jugular vein and some parts were He had broken his chest and reached his lungs. Fortunately, DeShields Jr.’s father was behind the camera at the time and was not damaged by the explosion. The father, who immediately rushed to help his son, pressed his hand tightly to the area to stop the bleeding in his throat. The father, who tried to bring his son to the hospital by putting him in the car, informed the first aid teams on the way and asked them to take them off the road.

Doctors at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, through a miraculous intervention, ensured the survival of DeShields Jr. Bleeding was stopped by intervening in the carotid artery, and the rib cage was opened by opening it all along to remove the fragment in the lung. DeShields Jr., describing what he experienced as a “strange accident” that he wouldn’t stop doing his favorite job because of an accident told.

The video where Serbu RN-50 exploded on YouTuber’s face (explosion moment 4:25)

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