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The release date of Metro 2033 has been postponed to 2024

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Metro 2033, the screen adaptation of the Metro 2033 novel, was postponed due to the pandemic. The first release date of the movie, which will be about the Metro universe, which we know from the games, was 2022. However, due to the inability to start shooting, the new date was set as 2024.

One of the productions that the pandemic forced to postpone Metro 2033 movie was. The movie, which is expected to be released next year according to the original plan, is directed by a different director according to the new plan. Will debut in 2024.

The Russian Federal National Fund for Cinematography Social and Economic Support made statements about some of the changes to be made in the film. The film, announced in 2019, would begin shooting in 2020.. Then the whole world under its influence COVID-19 pandemic, like many events and productions, pushed Metro 2033 to be postponed.

The author of the novel will make the film adaptation

Firstly 2005 As you know, Metro 2033, which we know with its novel in 2011, had many games that were later developed inspired by the novel. The film, postponed to 2024, will be the franchise’s first cinema initiative. Metro 2033 film, Will be shot with a budget of $ 11.5 million.

According to the statement made by the Russian Federal National Fund for Cinematography Social and Economic Support, the film, The Blackout and In the Gogol trilogy also in charge Egor Baranov to be managed by. Creator of the metro universe, who also took part in other productions of 4A Games Studio Dmitriy Glukhovskiywill be the person who created the script by making the movie adaptation of the universe.

The plot of the movie will be similar to the first game

metro 2033


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The story will focus on the Russian post-apocalyptic world where humans must survive in underground tunnels. Main character Artyomwill embark on a dangerous journey to save his people from a new threat. The plot apparently is based on Glukhovskiy’s 2005 novel It will look quite similar to the original Metro 2033 game. Of course, since every event in the novel and the game cannot be added to a film for a few hours, the story will have to be squeezed a little.

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