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The Last of Us Part II Receives PS5 Performance Patch

by tenderpuls

Today Naughty Dog released a performance patch for The Last of Us Part II. Thanks to this patch, the game will now run much more smoothly.

The Last of US Part II was one of the best looking games of the PS4 generation. For this reason, the fans were very excited when it came to PS5. However, the PS5 version had FPS drops and glitches.

It looks like he still has a while to perfect, but Naughty Dog continues to work on it at full speed. PS5 version of the game after the patch released today 60 FPS works. The patch not only fixes FPS, but also allows the game to run at higher resolution, namely 1440p, and includes some graphics fixes. Even the patch works so smoothly PS4 has trouble delivering 30 FPS In places, you can see 60 FPS on the PS5 without any difficulty.

Description of Naughty Dog:

Naughty Dog’s statement for The Last of Us Part II performance patch is as follows:After installing The Last Of Us Part II 1.08 patch to display settings When you enter, you will see a setting where you can switch between 30 FPS and 60 FPS. In this way high resolution, fast load times and more You will be able to enjoy your game at 60 FPS steadily.


Explanation Exciting Those Waiting for The Last of Us 3: Story Outline Created

The team is obviously aiming to bring more performance updates to the players. This performance patch looks like just the beginning, as Naughty Dog has also stated that it wants to bring bigger updates in the future.

The 1-minute video posted on the PlayStation official YouTube account clearly shows what the game looks like after the patch, but the video is plenty for those who still haven’t played the game. SPOILERS available.

Video published by PlayStation [Spoiler içerir]

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