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Status of App Installed on Android 12 Will Be on Home Screen

by tenderpuls

Developers, who started testing the first beta version of Android 12, discovered a new feature. It looks like Google will put the current state of the app on the home screen when installing apps with Android 12.

US-based technology giant Google, a brand new mobile operating system at an event held yesterday evening Android 12of announced. In the past hours, the beta version of Android 12 is available for some smartphone models, albeit in a small number. was presented. Now there has been a new development on this subject. XDA Developers is an a remarkable innovation revealed.

Android 12 was most talked about with visual innovations. XDA Developers This feature discovered by is also about appearance. With Android 12, users will be able to see the status of that application on their home page while downloading an application from the Google Play Store. Yes we know, this feature is in iOS operating system already existed for years However, the main thing here is that this type of view feature will now be common to both operating systems.

This is how the new feature of Android 12 will look

Let’s say you are downloading one or more mobile applications from the Google Play Store. Your phone to home screen When you return, you will be able to get information about the application or applications you are downloading. In this context, phrases such as “downloading”, “installing” or “waiting” will help you understand the current state of the application. In addition, the application logo until the application installation is completed, transparent it will appear somehow.


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However, this feature is currently unknown. important there is a detail. This feature, which is in the testing phase, was detected on a Pixel 5 phone using the first beta version of Android 12. The developers, who say that they tried to test the feature on the Pixel 3 XL, say that this effort was in vain and that they could not run the feature on a different Pixel model. So this feature, Exclusive to Google Pixel 5 It can be prepared as. This obscurity will become clear with the release of beta versions to be used on more phones in the coming period.

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