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Spotify Announces Virtual Concerts

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Music platform Spotify has announced its virtual concerts to be held jointly with famous musicians. In this way, Spotify plans to both satisfy the request for a concert in the pandemic and help the musicians.

World famous music service Spotify, new virtual concerts announced. As the music industry came to a standstill due to the pandemic last year, this new idea seems to make both the music industry and music lovers happy.

As it is known, many music services have made such initiatives since the beginning of the pandemic, but most of them have been recorded recordings. For this case in the Spotify description “For us this is a bit ridiculous. For us, what makes such an event fun and worth listening to is is alive. “ said.

Who will be in virtual concerts:

As of this month and next month, according to Spotify’s statement The Black Keys Besides the Rag’n’Bone Man, Bleechers’ Jack Antonoff, Leon Bridges and Girl in Red it will be. Also, according to Spotify, some concerts “listen“It won’t be enough. This means that some concerts are also with a view it will be. It is stated that the concerts last between about 40 and 75 minutes. It was also stated that Spotify will be paid even if the musicians are not participating.


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Making a statement about Spotify’s initiative in this regard, The Black Keys, “Last year was a challenging year for the music industry. For this reason, we will be giving our concert at the Blue Front Café to make the audience happy and to support such beautiful events in the industry. We will be part of Spotify’s effort to bring music lovers and musicians back together in these difficult days. we are very excited “ used the expressions. Spotify stated that all users need to watch these concerts is a premium or free Spotify account.

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