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Apple Wins Over 100 Million Thanks to Fortnite

by tenderpuls
Bir Apple Çalışanı, Apple'ın Fortnite Üzerinden Kazandığı Miktarı Açıkladı

According to information provided by an Apple employee, Apple earned more than $ 100 million from Fortnite’s in-game purchases, with a 30 percent commission from the App Store.

Epic Games and Apple The debate does not fall off the agenda because of the debates that emerged due to the commission. Which has put Apple in trouble many times Epic Games and Apple Another news about the controversy from an Apple employee came.

First of all, to go over briefly for those who stay away from the events, Epic Games, Apple and Google from high market commissions was not satisfied. Every sale 30 percent Epic Games resorted to their own ways when the share received was too high. To save himself from high commissions 20 percent discount added the payment method it offers. Consequently, this behavior further inflamed the atmosphere. This is now an Epic Games deserving to war transformed. In fact, Epic Games soon released an video He showed us that he was prepared for these events in advance.

The video published by Epic Games:

Since that day, running from case to case Applehasn’t been able to get away with it. Spotify with the support of different companies such as War waged by Epic Games continues even now. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook, Epic Games case As the third and final part approaches, it is known that he is preparing for his statement to be given next week.

FortniteWas released on the App Store in 2018, and from every in-game payment to Apple 30 percent commission had to give. An Apple employeePercent applied by Apple Thanks to 30 commissions Via Fortnite since 2018 More than $ 100 million confirmed that it won. According to the news from Bloomberg Michael Schmid, He did not specifically state the 100 million in dollars and Whether it exceeds 200 million He did not give information about either.


New Topic in the Debate Between Epic Games and Apple: Naked Banana

Sensor Tower Apple’s revenue from Fortnite. 354 million dollars As we can realize, this is the amount given by the Apple employee. more than enough over.

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