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Screenshots Leaked from Trailer of Battlefield 6

by tenderpuls

Battlefield 6, the new game from Electronic Arts, which continues to be spoken, has become the victim of a new leak. While some of the images, which are said to come from a reliable source, are said to be obtained from the introductory video of Battlefield 6, these images confirm previous leaks.

Electronic Arts, the new game of the Battlefield legend for a while Battlefield 6 on the agenda with. Although the official announcements about the game have not yet come, leaks and a shared screenshot revealed that the game will take place in modern times and will offer an impressive experience. Now there has been a new development regarding Battlefield 6. Of the game promotion to your movie Some images allegedly belonging to were leaked.

The images that first appeared on the Discord server founded by Tom Henderson were recorded by a Twitter user named “Alaricdhuman”. understandable has been made. The images served on it reveal the presence of robot dogs and the previously leaked rocket launch facility in the game. But whether these footage is in Battlefield 6’s story mode or online mode remains to be seen. Unknown.

Here’s the new screenshot from Battlefield 6

Leaked images are not very understandable even though they have been cleaned. However, Battlefield fans are extremely excited even with these images. Moreover, according to Henderson, the source of the images, an extremely reliable person. If you are a die-hard Battlefield fan, we can sadly say that for now you have to get along with these images.

Battlefield 6

Electronic Arts, recently an important share made. This post gives an important clue about the game’s release date, June to the month was emphasizing. As a matter of fact, it will be necessary to wait a while longer for Electronic Arts’s explanations about Battlefield 6. The game to be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S price and important details such as system requirements will be revealed in these explanations.

Battlefield 6


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