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Detachable Modular Phone Concept from Xiaomi

by tenderpuls

It turned out that Xiaomi is working on a modular smartphone concept. According to the patent, Xiaomi divides the smartphone into four main components and enables users to change the components they want.

Chinese tech giant XiaomiAlthough mostly similar smartphones are released, this does not change the fact that the company is working on more innovative projects. A new emerging modular smartphone patentShows that Xiaomi can change our smartphone purchasing habits.

Xiaomi’s new modular smartphone patent of the four main components occurs. These screen; camera and performance components; battery; sound and connection They are separated from each other in the form of their components. If the project is successful, consumers, price and feature They will be able to bring together the most suitable hardware for them and have a more “personal” smart phone.

LetsGoDigital At the top of Xiaomi’s new modular smartphone, as we can see in the concept study created by camera and processor, RAM, storage will include components such as motherboard it will include. We can say that this is the most important module that will determine the value and segment of the device.

Xiaomi modular phone 2

Just below this module, we see that there is a larger module, which has a square-like shape and will give the device the energy it needs to battery hosts. Perhaps one of the most important features modular smartphones will bring back, replaceable battery will be the design.

Xiaomi modular phone 3

Below the battery is a thin, small module. In this module, microphone, speaker audio components and like USB Type-C ports it will include. In addition, since it is an optional module, users can 3.5 mm headphone jack It is also possible to offer the possibility to use it.

Xiaomi modular phone 4

As you can imagine, there will be a screen on which all these modules will be mounted. Screenother modules selected according to the user’s preference while maintaining its existence as a whole, like a slim smartphone the concept As you can see in the images, it will be easily detachable. However, of course, the real question here is whether such a device can actually be produced …

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