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Broadcast Days of Güldür Güldür Show Changed

by tenderpuls

The broadcast date and time of the Güldür Güldür Show, one of the popular productions of Show TV, changed. The new broadcast days of the program, which has managed to catch a large fan base, will be Friday and Saturday.

With the onset of the pandemic, media content skyrocketed in viewing. As the most frequently used media tool in our country is television, the programs shown on the screens have become more important. We can say that especially comedy programs are the most consumed television content after TV series. This is one of the leading comedy shows. Show tvThe program loved by a large community Güldür Güldür Show.

Güldür Güldür Showhas won the love of a large audience since the day it was launched, brought different faces to the audience in sketches and continues to meet. Although it has become the subject of discussion with the topics he has touched on in the past and recently, the characters and events he has depicted in sketches, he has managed to create a solid fan base for himself. Güldür Güldür Show Decisions were made about the fans.

Broadcast days have changed:

Serving Ali Sunalmade by and on its staff Honor Found, Ecem Male and Ugur Bilgin The program, which includes popular names such as Tuesday his days were meeting with his audience. According to the new statement, the program is now Friday and Saturday days will be on the screens at 20:00.


Interesting Sketch Embedded Abundantly From Güldür Güldür To Bitcoin

Will double the number of episodes due to the fact that it will be published for 2 days. Güldür Güldür ShowEspecially the fans who had to stay at home due to the pandemic were extremely happy. The program, which made its fans happy with this news, is due to many topics previously covered in skits. moot point had become.

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