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Why Does Gaza Look Blurred on Google Maps?

by tenderpuls

Gaza, which the world is watching and staring at right now, is displayed on Google Maps in extremely low resolution. So why do the satellite images on Google Maps show a blurry Gaza?

One of the most popular map and navigation services in the world Google MapsAlthough it is an application that shows the shortest route to the address we want to go for most of us, it also has different functions. One of them is the ability to follow up-to-date geographical changes in any part of the world.

When you enter Google Maps, you can see almost every city and region except some military or strategic points. high resolution You can view as. However, it is currently one of the most talked-about places in the world. GazaCan’t view in high resolution on Google Maps or Apple Maps? Okay why?

Even the capital of North Korea is shown with higher resolution than Gaza

“Why is that?” high resolution before answering the question satellite images It is necessary to answer the questions why it is important and whether it is found or not. As you know, Gaza is currently hosting serious conflicts, and satellite images are of great importance in reporting what happened. You can tell from satellite images when a gun is fired or a building is hit.

So are there high resolution satellite images? In fact, as a result of a 1997 agreement between the US and Israel “security concerns“It was forbidden to share high resolution satellite images of Israel and Palestinian territories for commercial applications.

However, this ban is due to companies outside of the US already sharing high resolution satellite imagery. was removed last year. So yes, there are high resolution satellite images, and there is no law or legislation that prevents companies from sharing these images, at least on paper.


The BBC, which brought the issue to the fore, contacted Apple and Google to find out why they still do not include high-resolution satellite images in their map services. Apple will post maps on the subject soon. It will update to a high resolution of 40 centimeters explained.

Google, on the other hand, stated that the satellite images came from a number of “providers” and that they are considering refreshing the satellite images as they get higher resolution images, but for now, with these high resolution images. that they don’t plan to change stated. As a result, there is no “technical” reason not to share high resolution images.

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